This summer I chose to go work in Norway. I study and live in Copenhagen, but during my two months summer holidays I like to save some money for the next year. This time I went to Sandefjord, which is approx. a 2 hours drive away from the capital Oslo. I have been here 4 months last year – and actually have been working seasonal jobs in Norway 3 times before, which makes this my 4th time in Norway.

A lot of Swedish and Danish people choose to go to Norway to work. The salary is usually higher than in our own country and they have lower taxes.

I love going to Norway to work. Even though it is very similar to Denmark I still feel like I’m in a different country. The language is a bit different, which makes it all more exotic. Norway isn’t that far away, but when I’m returning home I feel like I’ve been far away for quite a while.

It’s not only Scandinavians who go to Norway. Where I work there are people from Italy, France, UK and Eastern Europe. Working with people from all over Europe is amazing. You get to meet other cultures and get inspired. And a great thing is that they most likely love to travel just as you do.


Getting work in Norway:

If you don’t speak Norwegian (or danish or swedish) it might be difficult. There are lots of jobs at bars, hotels and restaurants. But usually if you want to work as a bartender, waitress etc. it’s important you know at least one Scandinavian language. It’s not impossible, if you don’t understand norwegian. It might just be more difficult.

If you find it difficult understanding norwegian and even some english you could get a job as a dishwasher, cleaning or in the kitchen. It might not sound like the best job, but the salary is still worth it. And a great thing is that most places share the tips, so you’d also get that as a bonus.


Has anyone been to Norway to work? Let me know what it was like.