Divers License

Should you get one? I know diving isn’t something you just do – until you actually just do it. Should you really spend that much money on it? And is it something for you?

YES – You should definitely give it a chance. I know you’ll love it.

I went on a vacation to the Red Sea with my boyfriend this January. He was sure he wouldn’t dive. But then I convinced him to try an intro dive. And suddenly he had taken two intro dives and loved it!

If you’re not sure whether you should pay so much money for an Open Water certificate, you should start with an intro dive. On an intro dive you will be alone with an instructor and he will be sure everything is safe. You will learn the basic rules of diving, but never be on your own risk. Under water he won’t leave you alone and there is no need to worry at all.
Basically you have about 20 minutes under water where you can just enjoy watching the fishes and coral reefs.
You won’t have any responsibilities during this dive.

After this intro dive I am sure you’ll love it and want more.

Almost everybody can get the certificate. You have to be able to swim, but you don’t have to be an expert. As long as you’re able to swim around for minutes without going under water.

Some things that people often worry about is:
– Do I need to be an excellent swimmer?
Yes/No – you must be able to swim

– I have problems with my ears. Can I still dive?
Probably not. Ask your doctor, but it can be dangerous.

– The tank seems so heavy. I worry I’ll have problems with the buoyancy.
Under water everything gets lighter. You’ll feel like you weight nothing! 

– What if I get decompression illness?
You only get this if you panic and you’re not under control. This doesn’t happen out of the blue.

I can only say that you should definitely try it. If you’re unsure, then try the intro dive.

The world under water is so different compared to above.
I remember once a dive, where it was very cloudy with a lot of waves. The sun wasn’t really shining. But as soon as I jumped into the water everything was more bright and calm. If I had a head ache, it was gone under water. If I was tired, I couldn’t feel it while diving.

To me it seems like all problems go away under water. It’s calm and relaxed. Sometimes there’s a bit current, but nothing you can’t handle (if you go to the right places). Looking a the little fishes and maybe a shark shows you what the world really is about. Some animals don’t even know about human beings – and they wouldn’t care if they did.
It really shows us that the world is not all about the human beings and our material things.

One of the other things I like about diving is that sometimes it feels like you’re up in space. There’s no left, no right. Where’s up and down? You only know when you see the surface of the water.

Is it difficult to dive? And will I be able to learn?
It’s easier than learning how to drive a car. I can assure you I’m right. Learning how to drive is not as fun as diving. You learn faster if you love what you do. If you’re interested in the world under the sea, the you will be able to learn. It won’t be difficult. You will have fun!!!

One day, I hope, you’ll choose to take the first step and dive.
PADI is the world’s largest recreational membership and diver training organization. This company is highly recommended if you want to be able to dive worldwide. They have the best instructors and have the best recommendations.

Still in doubt? Ask me any question, and I’ll try to convince you!