If you only had one last destination, you could go to. And you had to live there for the rest of your life. Where would you go? If you couldn’t travel and see other places. If you had to stay there until your days were count.

It can be a difficult question to answer. The place would need all things to fulfill your goals and dreams. It would need all the things you look for when you’re planning on having a happy life.

If I had to choose one place, I’d choose Africa. It doesn’t really matter exactly where in Africa, but it would definitely be Africa!

In Africa I would look for a place located away from all the big cities and the civilization. But it should still be a place with some people. People with the same interests and passions. This place should also have animals living around.

The African wildlife is incredible. The nature should be dominating the every day life.

A simple day would include getting up early to see the beautiful sunrise, watching the animals drink water from a water hole and living the circle of life. There would be many different animals like lions, elephants, springboks and giraffes.

Every day there would be some work to do. Something that makes sense not only to me, but others as well. I could imagine this work would include saving animals, write inspiring stories, get better at something.

Every night I’d eat dinner with all the people I love and care about. We’d watch the sunset, have a drink and be happy for the things we have. We wouldn’t just accept it, but we wouldn’t want more than we already have.

I would love to be in a place, where the connection to the outside world was lost, so I could focus on what’s here and now. Who am I and what do I actually want?

Often, we tend to forget to think about it. To think about our lives, what we want, what our goals are and remember to be happy.

I am not saying that the online world, the commercials, the phone calls, movies and so on are bad things. But I think we’re all in a place now, where we almost forgot ourselves. We spend more time on pleasing other people than we do on things we truly care about.

Every day we have to check up online to see if we missed something. Did we miss the new episode of a TV show we love? Did we miss the latest blog post from our favorite blogger? Did we miss the event on Facebook that everybody already pressed ‘join’ at? Did we miss the new trend black/blue vs. white/gold dress?

Is this what it’s about? Sometimes, the only reason we stop checking up on all that is because we have to go to work! Work for someone to earn a living. Work one year to get 3 weeks of vacation. Is it really worth it?

In 2013 I went to Africa for the first time in my life. The Internet wasn’t always working, the nearest city was 1 hour away, the electricity was solar power. We were all whining because we missed the online world and decided next time we will get a wifi hotspot to travel with us, since having Internet is really important for a blogger. Our new white t-shirt was suddenly dirty and never really got clean again.

But in the end, we loved this time more than any other time we ever had. We realized that we were more happy without all the things from home. And when we all got home again after weeks in the bushes we truly missed what life was all about.

In the civilized world you can’t really cut of your cell phone etc. If you do, it’s hard. People will complain and ask you where you are. You come home to the civilization and suddenly get so much more responsibility. You bills are waiting to be paid. And you boss needs you at work as soon as possible!

What is this world?

I am not trying to complain about this world which got so many opportunities. But I realize I forgot about my life, and I know so many other people have as well.

My phone is always telling me about the latest Snapchat, Facebook message, Instagram like, Twitter retweet and so on. I can turn the phone of. But I don’t feel like it’s an option to do that.

If I could choose, I would live the rest of my life in a place where all those things didn’t exist. I would live in a place where the nature and I am in focus.
If someone asked me where my last destination should be here on Earth, I’d choose Africa.

I know I’d be happy there and forget about all materialistic things, because that’s worth nothing.

Being happy is what people should focus on.

Think about what you want to do with your life. Think about how much you waste it on social media, TV shows etc. Try counting the hours you spend on it in a week. Is that what you want to remember, when you’re old and retired?
I think no!

Where would you go, if you had one destination left to go to?

Would you stay in your home country and continue your life? Or would you be able to quit everything and never get the opportunity to come back?