Two years ago I took my advanced open water diving certificate. I clearly remember first day of diving. If you had asked me a few days before I started taking the certificate, I had no idea that I was going to dive.

I was traveling 2 months in Honduras and El Salvador. The last two weeks were spent on one of the Bay Islands in the Caribbean – Utila. This is where it all began with my passion for diving.

I had bought a trip to Honduras and El Salvador, where all activities where planned ahead and we, 20 young Danish people who just finished High School, just had to follow our local guide through the country.

Two days before arriving at Utila, I found out that I was going to take a diving certificate. I had no perceptions and didn’t know what I could expect. At the beginning I didn’t even fear it, I have been training a lot and have been testing myself to get myself to the right weight, I even take my portable scale from scaleszen.com, so When I got to the perfect number I started with breathing exercises so U could jump without any fear.

Today I’m glad I didn’t fear trying to dive. I think that if I had known it in advance I’d be scared and come with a lot of excuses why I shouldn’t try it. But in the water we jumped and I loved it from the first day!

In the evening of the first day of diving I had my first date with a very handsome guy, who was studying to become a dive instructor. I told him about the first day – how crazy it was to dive and exciting I thought it was.

A couple of days later I finally got my open water diver license. The dive center asked us if we would like to take the advanced course. I immediately said yes – because that would give me the opportunity to dive and try more under water! It’s expensive if you take both courses right after each other. But it’s definitely worth it! You can do so much more after the advanced course and you feel much more secure about it all.

2 weeks of diving in total started my new passion and one of my hobbies. Traveling to go diving was definitely something I could see myself doing in the future. And what I didn’t know back then was that I would go diving again soon!

After spending my diving holidays on the island Utila, and later going to a nearby island called Roatan, it was time go back home to little Denmark. At home it was cold and everything I thought about was the feeling of diving and the date I went to.


Two months later I visited the guy. He was now officially a dive instructor and we could go diving together. And that’s what we did – again in the Caribbean. But this time we were at the US Virgin Islands where he worked and I could dive for free.

Honestly, every time I had a dive I feel like there is so much to talk about. The feeling you have underwater and all the things you get to see are simply unbelievable. It gives you a kick but it’s also very relaxing. The world under the sea is so different – all your problems go away and you only have to focus on one thing: to enjoy it!
One dive is never like another. They are never the same. Sometimes you see a lion fish, dolphin or a turtle. It can be quiet and peaceful, but also with current sometimes. You feel weightless, you see the sun above you on the surface of the water.

I recently dived in the Red Sea and I totally loved it. I missed diving with all my friends from Honduras – it would have been nice to share the experience with them.

My goal is to take the Rescue Diver class and after that take the Dive Master class. I don’t think I’m gonna be an instructor, but it would be nice to be a dive master.

I am not done at all with diving. After visiting Sharm El Sheikh I realized what made me happy. Diving and traveling. Being surrounded by nature, adventure and people. Just living the life and feeling free both under and over water.

I love diving. How about you? Where have you dived before?