Rainy day

It’s raining men. Or not. At least I see no men. It’s all just rain and water and wind. Here in Copenhagen it’s getting too cold. This morning I read the news about snow coming to Denmark.

I know this is a travel blog and this isn’t much about traveling. But I guess we all had that feeling, where we look outside and the weather is not as we hoped for. We’re sitting at home, dreaming about the sun, looking at a map and planning our next destination.

Yes! It’s horrible. And yes! There is hope! For some of us at least.

I haven’t been outside Denmark or Germany the last 4 months (which I think is a lot!). Luckily I am a student and have holidays when no one else does. I am planning on going to Egypt in January, enjoying the All Inclusive life and hopefully get to dive at least once.

But since not all people get to escape the cold winter, I made a list of 5 ways to control your wanderlust. 

1. Keep busy
The best way to forget about your wanderlust is to stay busy all the time. If you have the opportunity to work some extra shifts, then do it. Time goes faster and you save money for your next holiday!

2. Read a book
I get it. Not all people want/can work all the time. Read a book that you love. This will make you feel like you’re in a different world. It could be everything from a love novel, travel diary to a biography. Almost anything with a good story will make you think about something else.

3. Plan your next trip
If you know you’re going to travel again some time, go plan ahead and find out what you want to see and experience.

4. Read blogs and watch videos
By reading other travelers blogs and watching their videos, it makes you want to go yourself of course. It will make you more dedicated towards saving money for you next trip and it will give you some ideas for where to go and what to do. 

5. Act like a tourist in your own community
When it’s not possible to leave for traveling, act like a tourist in your own community. Go sightseeing and do all the things that only tourists do where you live. People often forget to see what’s happening in their own city.

Those are my ideas. If you have more ideas to control your wanderlust, please tell me!