Two years ago I finished high school in a little town called Aabenraa in the southern part of Denmark.

I remember sitting in school dreaming of all the things you could do out in the world. Never in my life I would believe, that within 2 years so many things would happen to me.

It all started with me and my first boyfriend going to Norway to work. Together we were saving money for a 2 months trip to The United States. I was planning it all and googled all the things we just had to see.

Unfortunately we broke up. Even though I’m very sorry for that, I think it’s the best decision I made in my life.
Now I had to go traveling on my own. He was going to study instead of traveling. I just wanted to explore the world.


My first boyfriend and me going to Norway (2012)

First I signed up for a trip to Honduras with 20 other danish people. I decided this would be the best thing to do, because I wasn’t used to traveling alone. And it would be a great beginning of all the traveling.
After the Honduras trip I had to go to Africa all by myself. If I didn’t go to Honduras, I don’t think I would be able to go to Africa alone.

I felt like I had a lot of energy now where I on my own. And everything went fine!

What I didn’t expect was, that the traveling just never really ended. There was always a new place to go and new things to see. I never got tired of it.

In Honduras I didn’t know that part of trip was to get a Divers License. I was kind of scared – but it was worth it all! So I decided to take the next step and become an Advanced Diver. In my world this was huge!
And at the same time I fell in love with an american guy who later became my new boyfriend!



Night Dive

I also tried to go surfing in El Salvador, which is something I want to do again one day. Maybe in Indonesia? Who knows..

But yes. American boyfriend and long distance relationship. This will never work out which it didn’t. 9 months later we broke up. But until then we had an amazing time together. I visited him in the US Virgin Islands where he worked as a dive instructor. I still miss him a little today. He reminds me of the traveling.

After Honduras I went to Africa. It went well and I found a lot of new friends from all over the world! To be honest this was the best time of my life. I never felt more happy than here in Namibia.



All the friends I got in Africa still mean a lot to me. I love them all!
After visiting my ex in the US Virgin Islands, going to Switzerland to work for a winter season at one of the best hotels in the world, going to Africa again and doing a lot of things, I decided to visit a dear friend of mine in Dubai.



It was amazing! I love Dubai. The shopping is too good.. huge shopping malls everywhere.

After Dubai I went to Miami for a short vacation where I met an american girl, which I miss right now. We had the most fun nights talking about boys and girl stuff. I really hope we get to see each other again soon.

So what I want to say with this is, that maybe you want to go traveling with your boyfriend or good friend of yours. But remember to do all the things that you want to do.
If I did the road trip tour with my first boyfriend it wouldn’t have been the same. We would have done (boring) things and go on a compromise all the time.

By going alone I had the time of my life. Met people who mean the world to me. Everything went like I wanted it to go.
It never gets boring to go traveling. Once you start, you’ll never stop!

Best things I experienced the last 2 years:
– Saving a lot of money in Norway
– Diving and surfing
– Meeting other cultures
– Pet a cheetah and feed wild ones
– Ferrari World
– The feeling of being responsible and able to do everything
– Having friends who are different than you but you’re still perfect together

I don’t think it would have been this great if I didn’t go alone.
Unfortunately my life has to give the traveling a little break. I got accepted to Copenhagen Business School, which means I have to study for the next 3 years in Denmark.

I promise I will travel again soon!

Thx for following my 2 years away from home!