Have you noticed all the travel blogs out there? And suddenly all your friends travel to places far away? You’re not the only long distance traveler anymore. Yesterday I noticed that there would be direct flights with the airline Norwegian from Copenhagen, Denmark, to St Croix, US Virgin Islands. And they’re also getting direct flights to Puerto Rico from Copenhagen. It seems that it gets easier and cheaper to reach whatever destination you have in mind.

I once went to St Croix. It took me 4 flights to get there – and now there are direct flights? To me it seems kind of unfair. I know that it’s great that it gets cheaper and easier to fly the world. But suddenly it doesn’t seem so special anymore. Wherever you go, you know that there are lots of people who have been there before. If you bragging about it to your friends, they’ll just tell you that they have been to an even more awesome place.

Christmas in Thailand, New Years Eve in New York.. there is no limit anymore. Today it seems like the only special places you can go to are Antarctica and the Moon. Are there even other places that are not crowded with other travelers and tourists?