As you might already know, I just bought a flight ticket to India for december this year. I am so excited so visit my sister, who’s living one year in Chandigarh. My mom and me are going during the christmas holidays, and even though we only have about 10 days, I’m sure we’ll get a solid impression of how the locals live in this area.

It’s been a while since my last travels, and I’m so excited to get back on the road again.

Travel blogging can be quite difficult, when you’re not traveling. But it is actually possible to blog even when you’re home for a couple of months. Here are some ideas of how you keep blogging:

1. Be creative
Just because you’re home, it doesn’t mean you can’t write about other places. Are there things you forgot to tell your readers about your last trip? How did you pack and prepare the trip? How does it feel to be back home? What is life like at home? Did you make a travel guide about your home town yet?

2. Travel guides
When you’re on the road, you often tend to either post pictures of the day or write a diary. But a lot of people would like to read travel guides. Make a travel guide for each destination, that you’ve been to in your life.

3. Future travel plans
Are you planning to travel in the future? Tell your readers about your future travel plans to make sure they’ll come back to your blog. 

4. Find new interests
Some bloggers mix travels with fashion. Or travels with food. Find new interests that relate a bit to your travels, but still something you can blog about when you’re home for months. 

5. Tips, tricks and ideas
When you’re home you should have enough time to help other travelers. Share your tips, tricks and ideas to your fellow travelers. 

And if you’re completely out of ideas, I highly recommend that you go back to traveling ASAP 🙂