To many people Denmark is a small country. To me it’s not that small, I guess. As a Danish citizen I always though that driving from one end of Denmark to another is a very long drive!

But if you should ever visit this lovely country and have the time to explore more than just Copenhagen, I’ve listed 5 attractions that are worth a visit. And btw. I’d recommend all travelers to visit Denmark during summer time!

1. Skagen

Skærmbillede 2015-01-22 kl. 22.17.32

This is really special. You see how the two seas meet? On the left hand we have Skagerrak and to the right we see Kattegat. Skagen (translated: The Scaw) is a town in Northern Denmark. On the picture you see the most northern part of Denmark where the two seas meet each other. It’s a fantastic view! And I would not have thought that it was possible to see the waves come from each side and meet in the middle.
Skagen is overall a very nice summer town. Buy some ice cream, go to the beach and enjoy the view!

2. The Wadden Sea

vadehavetGoing from up north to the west. We are at the Wadden Sea of the western part of Denmark. If you go to Denmark’s oldest city Ribe you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see the Wadden Sea. It is full of animal life including birds and oysters.

3. Hans Christian Andersen’s city: Odense


Explore where Hans Christian Andersen grew up. You can visit his little house or walk around in the city to see the parks and statues of the fairy tale writer. In Odense you see Hans Christian Andersen everywhere. It’s the third biggest city of Denmark, but still small compared to many other countries.

4. Island of Bornholm


This place has a unique history and culture. The easiest way to go there is to take the plane. But you can also drive from Copenhagen to Sweden and then take the ferry from there.  The two biggest cities here are Rønne and Nexø. Lovely places to visit during the summer. I’d recommend renting a bike and travel around like that. The island is not that big and this way you get to see everything.

5. Legoland


I know Legoland exists in other countries as well. But it all began in Denmark, when LEGO was founded in Denmark. In this amusement park everything is build of little LEGOs. Legoland is located in Billund (in the middle of Jutland) right next to the airport.

Not all attractions are in Copenhagen. I think some of the most important ones are often forgotten. It seems like most tourists visit Copenhagen and simply forget about the rest of the country because of it’s small size.
I know it can be expensive or maybe complicated to get around if you’re not used to the transportation system here. But I think it’s all worth a visit. It gives you a better insight of Denmark and what it’s really like here.

Anything I missed? Please comment and let me know.
I might take something for granted and forget things as a Dane.