Today I went to a new city in Norway: Tønsberg! As shown on the map here it’s not really that far away from Oslo. A 20 minutes train ride from Sandefjord, the town where I live this summer.

During summer time Tønsberg pier is crowded with tourists and locals. Restaurants located right next to each other makes it all very competitive. And the view from the pier makes the prices sky high!


A Swedish girl I met last year went to Tønsberg with me today. Last week we decided to go shopping in little Sandefjord, but since we didn’t really knew what to spend our money on, we thought we might have more luck in Tønsberg. And sure we did! We spend 2 hours in the shopping center, where we spend all our Norwegian money. Shoes, dresses etc.

After a well done shopping trip we decided to go to the famous pier and had the most delicious burger at a restaurant called Kverneriet. The price for a burger with fries and a soda is about 250 NOK (=30 USD).
This place has the most amazing burgers. So if you’re going to Tønsberg one day, you should definitely try this place. Don’t be scared of the price – all restaurants have same prices.


All in all we spend 5 hours in this lovely and sunny place in Norway. Definitely worth a visit!

Has anyone been to Tønsberg? Or around this area in Norway? Let me know!