With London’s Airports’ Dedicated Trains Going Down on Christmas, What’s a Girl to Do?

London is a city that I admire, which definitely deserves to be part of my Throwback Thursday series.

I spent 4 Days in London together with my sister and mom, exploring all the famous landmarks through a bus service that took us across the city to see the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. For many, however, the perfect season to visit London is during the Christmas Holidays, with everything from fun Christmas markets and the exciting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

Traveling to London is usually quite convenient, as from the moment you arrive at its various airports, access to Central London is easy. As Parking4less explains, even Gatwick Airport, London’s second busiest airport, has a dedicated train service that runs from the airport to the city. However, reports have shown that this year, just in time for Christmas, the trains running to and from Gatwick, and to and from Heathrow, are going to stop running.

As per reports by The Guardian, engineering works will disrupt all train services of both the Gatwick and Heathrow Express as rail links are severed. Gatwick Express trains will be unavailable for 10 days, while Heathrow Express trains will be unavailable for 4 days. Great Western Railway said services would be disrupted “as part of a large programme of engineering in the Thames Valley needed for the launch of Crossrail in 2019”.

While this means a bright future ahead for all of London’s commuters, the days of inconvenience for visitors to London aren’t inconsequential, and airport authorities have already encouraged travelers to “plan their route to airports and leave extra time” to allow for the disruptions.

So what are your options if you want to visit London for Christmas, but don’t know how to get to the city without the Gatwick and Heathrow Express?

1. Buses
Several bus services run from London’s airports, and they connect the different airports as well. According to Gatwick Airport, “Direct services run to destinations including Heathrow, central London, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Norwich.”

2. Cabs
London’s black taxis are still as popular as ever, and you can easily find them outside of the airport. These are regulated and accessible, if not a bit more expensive than most other taxis in the world. Still, it’s a great London experience if there ever was one.

3. PHVs
Don’t want to take a taxi? London is one of the cities that has taken private hire vehicles (PHVs) services like Uber and truly embraced them, and it’s easy to use the service if you want to get around London from the airport.

Do you know any other good ways to travel from London’s airports when the trains go down?