Polar bears up north, skiing in the mountains, taking the cruise ship through the fjords or shopping in Oslo?
There are so many things you shouldn’t miss when visiting Norway. It’s a huge country, but worth traveling through. I gathered a list of the top things to see and do when going to Norway.

1. Skiing in Hemsedal or Trysil
They are the largest ski destinations in Norway. It might not be as steep mountains as in the Alps, but it’s definitely still a great experience. They have after ski bars and restaurants that serve delicious food!

2. Shopping in Oslo
Oslo is perfect for shopping. It might be a little expensive when going out to eat or drink, but the prices for clothes are still reasonable. Two days in this amazing, but not so big city should be enough for both shopping and sightseeing.

3. Taking the cruise ship to the fjords
Take the cruise ship from Oslo and see the beautiful fjords of Norway. Seep mountains and deep seas. Remember to bring your camera, because you’ll never experience anything like this ever again!

4. Flåmsbana train through Norway’s nature
Some cruise ships have a stop in a small town called Flåm. Here you’ll find the Flåmsbana, which will take you on a 2 hour train ride through Norway’s nature. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful train rides.

5. Northern lights up north
Going up north you’ll get the chance to be within the polar circle. Up here you definitely won’t miss the northern lights. It’s amazing what the nature is able to create.

6. Polar bears in Svalbard
In Svalbard one should never leave the house without a knife. There might be wild polar bears walking around. It’s very cold and there aren’t that many people living there. But you get the chance to see polar bears (and the northern lights as well).


Have you been to Norway? What do you think is a MUST SEE?