This is the ultimate travel guide for solo travelers who want to spend a few days in Barcelona. The things in this travel guide is for female solo travelers, but couples and friends can use it as well.

Barcelona is a city in Spain, which means they use EURO € as their currency. In this guide I will tell you what it all costs in € and then you can convert it to your own currency to make it more accurate. If you want to aprender español avanzado at your own pace without pressure, visit to enroll in Spanish course.

The guide is based on a 4 days visit to Barcelona.


When To Go

Barcelona is in the southern part of Europe. However, it can be relatively cold during winter months.
From April to October it’s the best time to go. During July and August there are lots of tourists, but the weather can be up to 30 degrees celcius. (86 degrees fahrenheit). In April and October it may be a little cooler, but you’ll still only need a light jacket.

Try to avoid the public holidays and the weeks where families are on their family vacations.
I traveled in a weekend where there wasn’t any public holidays, but there were still many tourists and travelers around.

Free Things To Do In Barcelona

1. La Rambla
1 km long walkway with different stands, that either sell delicious ice cream, crêpes, souvenirs, caricature pictures of you etc. There are also many restaurants, if you feel hungry.
La Rambla goes from Plaça Catalunya all the way down to Port of Barcelona. The habor deserves a visit as well!

2. Gothic Quarter
On the right side (when looking at a map) of La Rambla you’ll find the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Take a walk through the little streets to find the buildings made in the Medieval time.

3. Enjoy the beach
The beach is huge, free and has a view to die for. Just next to the habor at the end of La Rambla, you’ll find the beach. Just turn left as soon as soon as you see the water when walking down from La Rambla.

4. Free Museums on Sundays
There’s a lot to choose from and you can definitely expect a line for the free tickets. However, I highly recommend you to visit Museu Picasso. The museum is free from 3 PM, but be prepared to arrive earlier than that to get the free tickets. You can also arrive a bit later, but there will still be a line and who knows how long you’ll have to wait to get in.

5. Sagrada Família
There is an entry fee for Sagrada Família. But you don’t have to pay to look at it from the outside. If you’re on a budget, I wouldn’t buy tickets to get inside. It is beautiful in there, but it doesn’t look bad either from the outside.

Barcelona On A Budget

1. Sagrada Família + Park Güell = Gaudi
Buy the tickets online and buy them at the same time. If you buy them separately and in a ticket office, you can expect to pay twice as much as online. Buying those tickets and visiting both places you are sure to know who Gaudí is and what type of buildings he made.
Price = 18,5 € (online)

2. Mercado de La Boqueria
Eat here, if you want to do it cheap. They have fresh fruit, candy and chocolate but also food to go. Buy a Calzone for 2 € or something else for 3 €. The price is very low here compared to the location.
Right next to Mercado de La Boqueria you’ll find a little place called Wok To Walk where you can buy a wok box for as little as 5 €. If you add more ingredients to the wok box, you might end up paying 7-8 €.

3. Mount Monjuïc
Take a hike up Mount Monjuïc. You’ll get a fantastic view over Barcelona. A completely different one than the one you’ll get in Park Güell.

Things To Do In Barcelona

1. Cable Cars
When you go to the habor you definitely won’t miss seeing the cable cars and wondering where they’ll take you. Close to the beach you can buy tickets and take the cable car to Mount Monjuïc. On top of the mountain there’s a little bar/restaurant called Miramar where you can enjoy a glass of sangria or have lunch.
Price = 16,5 € (two ways)

2. Tapas,Tapas, Tapas
Barcelona has the best tapas of the world. If you’re looking for really good tapas, then you should visit TICKETS, which has excellent tapas chefs.

3. Museu Picasso
If you didn’t get the chance to go on a Sunday for free, it’s still worth a visit. But remember to buy the tickets online at a discount.
Price = 11 € (ordinary)

Where To Stay

The best advice I can give you about which area to stay in is everything close to La Rambla. It is the best location if you want to discover the city on foot and see as many things as possible without having to travel too much with the metro.

1. Residencia Universitaria San Augustín (click)
This place has 68 single rooms with single beds. It’s very clean and perfect if you travel alone. You can easily walk to La Rambla (1 minute), Placa Catalunya or the beach.
Price = 50 € (per night)

2. Petit Palace Boqueria (click)
Same location as number one, but this is also close to Mercado de La Boqueria. If you prefer a really good location but with a bit more comfort, then this hotel is where you should stay. Beautiful design and very clean. If you book early you can get a 10-15% discount.
Price = 100 € (per night)

Where To Eat

When visiting Barcelona you must try their tapas. There are tapas restaurants everywhere, but the best ones might be hidden.

1. Bar Lobo (click)
Located on a street right next La Rambla you’ll find Bar Lobo. They serve good quality tapas for a relatively low price. You don’t necessarily have to choose a set menu, you just choose the things you want to eat.
Price = 12 € (lunch menu) or 5-10 € per tapas

2. TICKETS (click)
Very famous restaurant for their tapas. The price seems the same as the other restaurants, but I believe you get less for your money here. However, the quality is very good. So delicious! You will have to make a reservation online in order to get a table (maybe 2 months)
Price = 5-6 € per tapas (but gets quite expensive in the end)

How To Get Around

I managed to get around without ever taking the taxi!

1. At the airport
You can take busses or you can take a taxi. But the taxis are overrated. There are two types of busses that you can take.
They go from the airport to Placa Catalunya, which is in the end of La Rambla.
– Aerobus A1 and A2 (5,9 € per trip) – This bus has wi-fi included.
– Local bus T1 or T2 (2,15 € per trip) – This bus is local and might take 10 minutes longer.

2. In the city
Always take the metro. You can buy  a 3-days or 4-days metro card or just buy a metro card where you can travel 10 times.
If you stay close to the harbor and La Rambla, you’ll only need to take the metro 4-6 times. The times where you’ll have to take the metro is to Park Güell and Sagrada Família. One trip with the metro card lasts 1,5 hours, which means you can travel all you want within this time.
Price = 10 € (10 times metro card) or 2,15 € per trip.