Within few weeks I’ve traveled to St Croix,  Cayman Islands and then to Milwaukee. My boyfriend first got a job at St Croix as a dive instructor. The 15th of October I landed in St Croix airport.

We stayed here for about 2 weeks, where we just enjoyed living in the Caribbean. We went diving, sightseeing and had a lot of drinks.

After 2 weeks at St Croix my boyfriend got a new job offer at the Cayman Islands. Because of the low season at St Croix, he thought he would be able to work more in the Cayman Islands.

Everything was very confusing those days. Every day a new decision had been made about where to go.

CaymanThe Reef Resort – Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands was probably awesome. But unfortunately we didn’t have much time to see the islands. We stayed in a hotel for about 4 days, where we just enjoyed the beach, ate some good food and again – had some drinks.

Unfortunately the job my boyfriend was offered here wasn’t what he expected. Leaving St Croix very sudden made him not want to go back to that job. Now without job he thought it would be a nice idea to take me to Milwaukee for a couple of days, where I would meet his mom. The days in Milwaukee were not great at all. His mom did not like me at all, which made the whole experience a bit awkward.

Going 4 days to the Cayman Islands and then 4 days to Milwaukee made me decide to want to go home. I booked a ticket on the 7th of November and went back home to Denmark.

And I wish I could show you some more pictures, but I only got those two. The first one is the view from the hotel room and the second is the view from a very nice restaurant we went to one of the first nights.



All in all it was a very confusing time for me. It was very nice staying in the Caribbean, but then going to snowy Milwaukee wasn’t that nice. The atmosphere was strange during the entire trip. And unfortunately, I never saw my boyfriend again. This was the end.