That’s the name of the resort I stayed at in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) – Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort. When I booked this it was rated ★★★★+. I guessed this would be a lovely place to stay. Looking at TripAdvisor, the resort should be a very nice hotel with small flaws.

Arriving at the resort I saw that according to Egyptian standards the hotel had five stars ★★★★★. Sure – the standards are different in other countries outside Europe.

I stayed here for 7 nights in January 2015 together with my boyfriend.


Reading reviews and descriptions of the resort, I knew it wouldn’t be completely perfect. It would be a lovely place to stay, beautiful – but with small flaws here and there. Before arrival I felt like I had already seen the worst on pictures online. Many people post pictures in reviews of things that are broken or don’t look good anymore.
To me small mistakes are completely okay. It’s more important that the bed is clean and service is good. And that was what I expected of a four star resort.

They have several restaurants you can eat at – even when you, like me, payed for all inclusive. Due to the reviews I read before arrival, I didn’t want to eat at other restaurants than the main restaurants. I read that it wouldn’t be worth it.
First day I was really impressed by the options they have. Pasta for the kids, fish, meat, vegetarian, salad, cakes, juice and so much more. The food was really good with a mix of Egyptian and European food. The salad choices were really interesting and different from what I’m used to. Very good.
Breakfast was amazing. They have pancakes, waffles, omelettes, fried eggs, fruits, yogurt, bread, English Breakfast. There was everything you wanted. Coffee would already be on your table if you have breakfast early (before 9AM). Many different choices of juice as well – guava, pineapple, apple and orange.
The only bad thing about the main restaurant is the cleanliness of the tables (sometimes it wasn’t cleaned that much from previous guests) and most days they served the same food.

Lovely size. Much bigger than city hotel rooms. All balcony have ocean view, which is a huge plus to me. They were cleaned every day and they even fold your clothes if they are just laying around.
Every day they fill up with different soaps from a company called Tokyomilk. I checked online and saw the prices of soaps they sell. A bit expensive, but nice when it’s complementary when staying here. Bathrooms have showers and bathroom separated – which also is a plus.

It’s important to remember that service quality is different from place to place. I believe that according to Egyptian standards this hotel has exceptional service quality. If you tip the waiters, cleaning ladies etc. you can expect great service. If you don’t leave a tip you can easily be forgotten and then there’s not much service available for you.
They don’t earn that much in Egypt and I understand that tips is an important part of their salary. I tipped one specific waiter at the end of my stay and he was really happy, that the money was just for him. I guess they usually share it all which leaves him not so much in the end of the day.

You can easily stay at this resort for one week without having to leave the hotel. There are 4 pools, where one is heated up to 29 °C. This was awesome – especially because the cold pools were only 19 °C. At each bar there is free wi-fi. They have a huge (fake) beach with a jetty. At the end of the jetty you are allowed to jump in the water and snorkel to see the corals. It’s a beautiful view compared to the fact that it’s all free.
The hotel has their own diving center, spa house, tourist office and little shops. Many bars are located around the pools and on the beach. You get your towels for sunbathing on the beach or at the pools.

Overall impression:
It’s a really great place to stay. Locals think that you have a lot of money if you stay there. But it wasn’t that expensive. Compared to the price you really get what you pay for – and even more. I didn’t know about all the facilities before arrival and was really impressed by all the things you can do and how huge the resort is.
The only lack is the service quality. But I guess I’m just used to something different from Europe. Small things can be broken. My keycard didn’t work all the time, but in the reception they were very friendly and always had the time to help me and solve my problems.

Ratings from 1 – 5, where 5 is the best:

Food: ★★★★★
Rooms: ★★★★★
Facilities: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★
Overall: ★★★★★

Mood when leaving: Very happy!

I’d recommend this hotel to couples or families with no small children.

Has anyone stayed at Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort in Sharm El Sheikh? How was your experience?