In the beginning of this year my sister moved to India – Chandigarh. And of course I, a travel blogger, don’t feel like I have a choice, when my sister asks me if I’m going to visit her. Of course I’ll do that – I’d love to!!

My mom, who doesn’t travel that often anymore, feels like she needs a little vacation as well. So right now we are planning a 10 day trip to Chandigarh during our christmas holidays.

Of course I feel sorry for my grandmother, who is not going to join us and instead is celebrating christmas with the rest of the family that are staying in Denmark.


So what we have now: 18th of December until 30th of December 2015.
We need: Flight tickets, things to do and a nice place to sleep.

Chandigarh is the capital city of Punjab.

So now I need you guys. Where to stay, what to do and how to survive?