I am so excited to soon be on my way to Germany. Last time I saw the girl I’m going to visit was in October last year. And before that it had been even longer. Now I am so, so, so excited to see her again!

These days I’m trying to get ready for the weekend. She already asked me what I’d like for breakfast and told me all the things we’re going to do. Yay me!

I will be staying for 4 days in total, which I think is perfect considering I don’t have any vacation this month.

So the plan is that I’ll arrive in Düsseldorf airport this Friday. I’ll be there late afternoon/evening, so the first night we’ll spend at her dads place. That’s kind of cool. Maybe I get to meet him then.

Saturday is going to be spent in Cologne, where we’ll go sightseeing, shopping and pretend to be tourists. Even though I am half german I have never been to Cologne or that part of Germany before. Kind of embarrassing. But until now I have just avoided telling people (I haven’t been to Berlin either). So yeah, I guess I’m not the biggest Germany traveler. Ha ha!

Cologne is going to be pretty cool. I am really looking forward to it. And hopefully the weather will be nice. It’s almost May and in Denmark we’ve had snow the last couple of days, which sucks big time. I really feel the need for sun soon!!

After our day in Cologne we’ll be heading to my friend’s place and go out for the night. And Sunday we’ll probably be really tired. So that day we chill and Monday I go home.

I love this plan and I can’t wait to go and be there.

Stay updated! And tell me about your trips to Cologne or close-by cities.