My boyfriend got a christmas present that was both for him and me. A two nights cruise to Oslo, Norway. Yay me! I get to travel for free and have my boyfriend with me.

This is what we did when traveling with DFDS Seaways from Copenhagen to Oslo:


The cruise ship is much bigger than you think! On board you can try one of their many restaurants, go swim at the pool, have a cocktail and enjoy live music, bet in a horse race and much more.

It was freezing cold in Oslo! Some of the water was frozen and the sun wasn’t really that visible, as you can see on the picture above.


We spend most of the day walking around in Oslo City. Shopping in Oslo is never a failure. Even though it was cold, it was nice to see Norway again and listen to their beautiful way of talking!


On our way back we enjoyed some cocktails, watched the horse race (for kids) and listened to live music.

DFDS Seaways has many mini cruise tours around northern Europe. We sailed with the one going from Copenhagen to Oslo. You leave at around 3 PM in the afternoon and arrive in Oslo at 10 AM the next morning. At 10 you leave the boat and do what ever you want in Oslo. You have to back at 4 PM. 6 hours is what you get in Oslo. On your way back it’s the same ritual as the day before. The same restaurants, shows etc. On board you can go TAX FREE shopping (which is amazing).

We had a very nice trip to Oslo. It’s a good way to get away from your every day life. There is almost no wi-fi on board. That’s a thing I like once in a while. To live in real life than in unreal life!

DFDS Seaways Recommendations
Eat at the restaurant ‘Little Italy’
– You’ll find out that it’s way more expensive on the boat than you thought. All restaurants are expensive compared to Denmark. Little Italy is the only “cheap” restaurant on board (but still very good).

Tax Free Shopping
– Candy can only be bought in XXXL sizes. You will think it’s still expensive, but buying candy here can save you money. However, I wouldn’t recommend buying anything else than candy in tax free.

Enjoy the live music
– Every night they have live music in the lounge bar Columbus. They play songs you know and songs you want to dance to. The atmosphere is good and everybody drinks cocktails! I honestly loved this evening.

Don’t search for wi-fi
– Don’t you agree that we shouldn’t be on the wi-fi all the time? You can find wi-fi sometimes, but it is very slow. Enjoy your time on the ship instead!