Yesterday I was reading some stuff at I love this page! So I stumbled over the page The Ultimate Bucket List – 60 things you should do before you die. I read it through and noticed I have a lot of stuff to do – but I have also done so many things the last 2 years.

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I’m gonna cross things out that I have done already.

1. Master your emotions
2. Take care of your body
3. Learn to apologize
4. Forgive the people who treated you poorly
5. Also, make peace with yourself
6. Learn how to appreciate being alone
7. Question your convictions
8. Get rid of the emotional baggage
9. Be curious about people
10. Work on your relationships
11. Love deeply (and mean it)
12. Deepen your adventurous side
13. Swim naked
14. Sail continuously for three days and nights on the open ocean
15. Expose yourself to new stimuli
16. Do something you might regret later (but probably won’t)
17. Tackle your inner wanderlust
18. Live somewhere vastly different from your hometown
19. Visit a country every year
20. Spend a year abroad
21. Travel without being a tourist
22. Camp in the wilderness hundreds of miles from civilization
23. Pick two to four friends and go on annual vacations
24. Learn how to get by on the bare minimum
25. Expand your comfort zone
26. Get comfortable meeting and talking to strangers
27. Be of service without expecting something in return
28. Offer value to people
29. Make something with your hands
30. Master a profession
31. Start your own business
32. Fail really hard
33. And recover from a big setback again
34. Hire someone
35. Fire someone
36. Get fired yourself
37. Quit your job
38. Drop a bad habit
39. Execute on an idea you had for a while but never tackled
40. Email one of your heroes
41. Meet up with one of your heroes
42. See a band’s last show ever
43. Educate yourself
44. Read 1,000 books
45. Pass on your own life lessons
46. Become comfortable speaking in public
47. Perform on stage
48. Try a new sport
49. Run a marathon
50. Go scuba diving
51. Learn to dance
52. Fly down a mountain on skis or a snowboard
53. Develop a bond with an animal
54. Ride a horse
55. Ride an elephant
56. Fly through the air
57. Spend quality time with your parents
58. Witness the birth of a child
59. Hold a newborn’s hand
60. Be happy