KrusmølleAfter having been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 months, it was finally time for him to meet my mom and se my home town. Off we went with a 3 hour train to the southern part of Denmark.

He has never been there before. And I wanted to impress him a little and show what it’s really like there close to Germany. To be a tourist in your home town can be really difficult. For you there might be nothing special to show the others who has never been there before. But I am pretty sure my boyfriend had a good time here!

First day we went to Germany to  see the christmas market there. It was kind of the same they have in Copenhagen (where my boyfriend is from), because it’s a german christmas market there. But this was much better. More christmas things and it was more crowded.

But one thing which is typical southern Denmark is a place called Krusmølle. They have the craziest christmas decorations. It’s a farm made into a huge christmas store with cafés and a place where you can make your own candles. It’s all so cute and I think this made the biggest impression on him.

Patrick and Marie


So cute we are together!

So if you’re going to Denmark during christmas time I would highly recommend you to go to Krusmølle. This way you are close to the german boarder and maybe get the opportunity to see Germany as well. It’s different from everything else in Copenhagen. For me this is the real Denmark! Don’t waste your time looking for the Little Mermaid! Go to southern Denmark instead!