I’ve always wanted to go to the United States – to a state where I can go to the beach and maybe have a cocktail as well. I bought the flight ticket and had no idea how the next 3 weeks were going to be.

There is a facebook group called “Danish people in Miami”. In this group I asked if anybody had an idea of cheap places to live. Fortunately a very nice Danish family living in Weston, north of Miami, had a room where I could stay – for free! Lovely. The family was very nice. They were even offering to cook meals for me every day. And they also had a pool outside that I could use.

The first night we were talking about all the differences between the States and Denmark. Everything (and I mean everything) is bigger here. The house, the tables, the chairs, the tv, the car.. Double size of everything!
The mother of the family brought me to a supermarket where we bought food for the next couple of days. You can get the weirdest things here that no one in the world needs. It was an experience – but a fun one!

This family told me about another Danish girl at my age, who studies at the university in Fort Lauderdale. Great, I thought! She was able to drive me to the beach every day and bring me back home again. She was living in the same neighborhood as the family and often came to visit and eat dinner with them.

The girl and I saw everything there is to see in Miami. The first days we just stayed in Fort Lauderdale, where she went to school every day. Later on we chose to go on vacation at Miami Beach.

In Fort Lauderdale we did a boat tour where we would see all the mansions of For Lauderdale. Nearly all houses own a yacht that is parked just outside the house.


Halfway through the boat tour we stopped at a little island, where we could see an alligator wrestling show. It was very impressive how this man could handle two alligators and not being killed or hurt by them.


In Miami there is also the biggest shopping outlet mall called Sawgrass Mills. It was awesome there. I recommend all people, who go to Miami, to visit this place. Most brands are 40% off!! All the time! And if you have kids there’s also Barbie Dreamhouse just around the corner. I planned to go see it, but I never got time to do it. This is something I have to do next time visiting Miami.

After shopping and sightseeing we decided to leave Fort Lauderdale for a while and go to South Beach where it all happens.

If you go to South Beach and you’re tired of tanning, you should go to Lincoln Road to go shopping. Stay at a hotel on Collins Avenue and go crazy party on Ocean Drive. Visit Clevelander’s, a rooftop club. Apparently all people go there – at least they did that night. And if you order a drink it’s 25 USD no matter where you go. It sounds expensive, but you get a 16 or 20 oz drink.




Miami Beach was really awesome. Continue reading here, where I tell you about my vacation at South Beach.