Miami Beach. I love this place. Walking around at Ocean Drive makes you feel like you’re in wonderland. Especially at Miami Beach Gay Pride. There are no rules of what to look like. You can be whoever you want to be here.

Another Danish girl and I chose to go on vacation. Where to? Miami Beach of course. When we arrived we tried to book a hotel room for the night. Unfortunately everything close to the beach was fully booked. This weekend Miami Beach Gay Pride was an event hosted at the beach. We were not aware of that until we went to the beach on Saturday. Dressed up gay people were everywhere.

Miami004It was so fun to see. Dressed to impress! It was a huge festival full with delicious food, cocktails, music and shows. Miami Gay Pride brings together the community of gay people. It is the largest two-day event of the entire year in Miami Beach.

Miami005 Miami006Our plan was to lay on the beach all day long. But with a festival going on, we just had to see what all this was about. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to tan as much as planned. But, fortunately, we had a lot of fun. Later I read that over 100,000 people attended Miami Beach Gay Pride this year – more than the entire population of Miami Beach. Imagine all the people at the beach. I can only say that it was crowded.



Miami Beach is also the place where I got hair extensions. In Denmark a lot of people would think that it’s ugly and that fake beauty is not something you should ever consider. But here in Miami I have a feeling that bleached teeth and fake hair is totally ok. The result of my new hair was amazing and definitely worth the money.

After this weekend the other girl had to go back to study in Fort Lauderdale. I chose to stay because of the awesome atmosphere. I checked in at Freehand Miami Hostel, which is a place I really recommend. It’s both cheap, clean and has friendly staff. That’s all that matters, right?

At Freehand I met a new girl, Catherine. Catherine was a typical american girl – in my opinion. Big smile with teeth whiter than any white. She was really sweet and we talked much about life, boyfriends, Europe and the States. All the talks we had really changed my view and perspective of life. Today I know that the States is a place where I would like to live one day.

I want to thank all the people who spend time with me during the 3 weeks. The very nice family, the Danish girl Camilla and Catherine. I hope I am going to see you all again one day.