When I was in Namibia I met a girl called Theresa. We lived in the same cabin (Kavango) with to other girls. It didn’t take much time to find out that Theresa and I would have an amazing time in Namibia together.

She lives in Munich and I live in Norway, which makes it really complicated for us to see each other. Last time was in Namibia in the beginning of October. So now it was time to meet again to go drinking and shopping together.

Unfortunately I have to work and I have no vacation, so I could only spend 2 days in Munich. But I had an amazing time there. She showed me all the good restaurants and shops.

The first day we went to have lunch at Vapiano, a italian restaurant, where you can get all kinds of pizza and pasta! Love it!!!
I met some of her friends. They were all so nice.
After lunch we went shopping. We actually wanted to buy a dress for the evening when we went out, but we didn’t fint one. Instead we found a lot of other nice stuff!

In the evening we ate at a very good greek restaurant called Taverna Cavos. We went there with two of Theresas friends. After sharing a bottle of rosé we went to McDonalds (I don’t remember why) and after that had a drink in a club called P1.

Munich 01

I think I have spend too much money that day. But it didn’t stop me from buying more stuff the next day.

We we’re a little tired the next morning, so we had lunch (our breakfast) at H’ugos and got a drink called Hugo!

Munich 02

I ate pasta with black truffles and Theresa got a salad. Since this was our breakfast and we were tired and the sun was burning we got a little tipsy after just half a drink! But the food was delicious and we had a great time.

After lunch we continued shopping. Shopping – shopping – shopping!
We had a break at the terasse of Hotel Bayerischer Hof. Beautiful view and a delicious smoothie!

Munich 03

Munich 04


In the evening we just ordered pasta and pizza from Vapiano. After that we went to the bar Lucky Who and got some more drinks.

Munich 05


The next morning I had to leave early to catch my flight at 9 am. Too early – now I am so tired. But I also bought some stuff at Tax Free.

I am happy and I had the best days in Munich. Thx Theresa!


Munich 06