Have you ever wondered how people can afford to travel again and again and again? The answer is simple: Priorities!
It’s the same answer to the question when asking how beauty bloggers can afford to buy all the luxurious bags, make up and dresses.
You’ve might read other blogs as well about how they get the money for traveling. They make it sound so easy, but you have to be focused if you decide to explore the world.

We travel bloggers have a passion for traveling. Spending money on our apartment (if we have one) is not first priority. Spending money on a new outfit every week is also not one of our priorities.
What I do, and I believe most other travel bloggers do as well, is to save up all the money you earn. Working while traveling is not always an option. And blogs like The Blonde Banana shows you that it is possible to travel only in weekends.

When I get paid every month I don’t go shopping, eat at restaurants or spend all my money on small things. Instead I save most of it and buy a flight ticket as soon as there’s enough money on my account. This means that I haven’t bought any clothes for more than a year. My apartment looks like I still just moved in and I only have one luxurious bag that I use for school. Nothing else.
Of course I spend my money on alcohol, but not as much as I’d like to or other people want me to.

Saving all you’ve got is the way to go. And planning! Plan your trips in advance if you only have a weekend off or very limited time.
If you’re able to travel outside public holidays, it’s often much cheaper and less crowded at the tourist destinations. Go for that if possible! And travel light. Don’t take more than one suitcase with you. It’s heavy, time consuming and expensive. If you can, just take hand luggage with you.

Even now where I study full time and work part time I still have enough time to go traveling. Some times I don’t go to school. Instead, I bring my books with me and study on the plane or in the evenings. This is a priority I chose. As long as I pass my exams, I’m happy.

And if you didn’t already know, I’m studying in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s almost in the center of Europe, which means that there are lots of cheap flights from Copenhagen to the rest of Europe. I could take a day trip to Oslo or London or spend the weekend in Italy or Greece. Living in Europe gives you so many options. It’s very easy and not that expensive.
When I book my flight tickets I make sure to use a browser that doesn’t store cookies or search history. And I usually book the flight ticket on a Tuesday. Most times Tuesday is the cheapest day to buy them.

When you decide to travel make sure you don’t have any loans or huge bills to pay. Make sure everything is paid for. I study in a country where education is free and I get paid 1000$ to go to school. This pays all my bills and I still got a bit left for food.
The money I earn from my part time job is what I spend on fun stuff like travels (and alcohol). Whenever I take the plane to another country I know that I won’t come home to a huge bill or unpaid rent.

If I decide to travel outside Europe some time, I also got many options for that. The airline Norwegian has many direct flights to the States and Thailand. They are expanding for every year with more and more direct routes. It’s cheap and mostly on time.

Working while traveling is also an option for us Europeans. Seasonal work is very popular and is something you can do in Norway and Switzerland with a salary worth working for.
Norway and Switzerland has some of the highest salaries in the world and you can work for a couple of months and then go traveling afterwards. I do this almost every summer and some winters as well. It’s something I recommend to all Europeans who want to work somewhere else than their home country.
It’s possible to work in Austria, France or Spain as well, but the salaries are not quite as good as in Norway and Switzerland.

After having traveled for a while I now have friends all over the world. I visited a friend in Munich (Germany), Dubai (UAE), US Virgin Islands and I still have lots of friends to visit.
Visiting my friends means that I can stay there for free and don’t have to look for a hotel/hostel. They show me the local places to eat, shop etc. And most of the times I don’t really care about seeing as much as possible, it’s just very nice to see my best friends again! Visiting friends is a very good excuse to leave the country.

Being a travel blogger doesn’t mean that you have vacation all the time. It’s hard work, and you have to be dedicated and love it. Stop paying rent back home and make sure there’s nothing that keeps you home. If you want to see the world – then go! Go now. The right moment won’t suddenly show up.

I truly love to travel and I love to share my experiences with you. All my free time and extra money I have goes to traveling. I could never imagine a lifestyle where traveling isn’t my priority number one.

Save travels to all readers out there! xx
Any other tips for traveling that I might forgot?