Have you read – The Beginning and The Daily Routine of Harnas Wildlife Foundation?

If you choose to volunteer at Harnas Wildlife Foundation, you can be sure to meet lots of incredible people from around the world. I felt like I had my second family there, and I know I will meet many of those people again. In fact, I have already met with 4 people since I got back from from the farm.

I also fell in love. After just 4 weeks. However, distances are difficult, so it never turned out to be more than just a summer romance.


Goodie bags

It’s a tradition at Harnas that when you leave, you go to a city called Gobabis and buy your best friends a goodie bag. I bought my best friend 2 HUGE goodie bags with apples, candy and other food.

In that goodie bag I put a little letter for that guy who was still at Harnas and wrote him “I still want to marry you”.
He told me he kept it for some months, which made me happy. I hope he is happy now.

But yes. The end it tough. You meet so many great people from all over the world. I still miss it and I wish I could go back and continue my life there.

I love you all! xoxo
Let Harnas live forever!



I’m leaving on a jet plane – Don’t know when I’ll be back again