After a 2 hour drive from Solingen to Bielefeld, the sun was finally starting to shine. A few days earlier I had checked the weather for the weekend, and the sun was definitely something, I had been waiting for. So yes, finally it was here. We we’re sweating but in a very good mood!

I saw my friend’s apartment, which is very modern and has some scandinavian touches here and there. Very chic I would say!

My friend works in a club called Pasha and luckily she was off that night, so we decided to go there to have a drink and have a look at the place. I was excited to see what it looked like and if it was a cool place or not.

The club was kind of cool, and the nice things about the place was that you don’t have to pay any entrance fee and there isn’t really any dress code. This is very uncommon in Denmark – it’s only in the small cities where you can dress as you like. But you will always have to pay entrance fee.

We enjoyed a few cocktails, danced a bit and then went home. The same day where we went clubbing we had also been to Cologne. So all in all it had been a very long day for both of us. Her boyfriend had to work until 7 AM, which for me is crazy and not something I would ever be able to do. I guess I already feel too old for that. 🙂

When we woke up the following morning we made some waffles for breakfast, which of course I loved!

Bielefeld has a population of around 330,000 citizens. Germans often make a joke about the city and say: “Oh, Bielefeld. Does that really exist?” and the reason they do that is because they once forgot to put it on the map.


We went for a walk, where she showed me the apartment she lived in before she moved together with her boyfriend. After that we went to Sparrenburg Castle, which is on top of a hill and you get the most amazing view over the city. You see a few small mountains and when the sun is shining you can buy yourself a drink and sit on a bench, where you simply enjoy the view and relax.

We went up in the tower to get an even better view. It costs 4 euros (2 euros as a student), which isn’t too much for a complete 360 degree view. It was very windy up there, so we just took a few pictures and headed down again.

After our afternoon stroll we went for a coffee in the city. We sat outside and I just had the best mocha cappuccino ever – yes!


My days in Germany were wonderful. I really enjoyed my time there. When the sun is nice I highly recommend to go for a walk to Sparrenburg Castle and afterwards have a coffee in the city at The Coffee Store.