Today I got the opportunity to go oyster hunting here in Denmark. In Denmark and and in the northern part of Germany there is a sea called the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea has very shallow water and mutlands, where you can go hundreds of meters out in the water and still have water under your knees.

In the Wadden Sea there is life everywhere. One of the reasons why people like going there is for the oysters. There are lots of them and you can simply just go out in the water and pick them up.

I highly recommend you taking a guide with you, so he can show you which ones you should take. The oysters can also be a little difficult to find, if you don’t know exactly where too look.

Because of the tidal flats the Wadden Sea is an area which has been most modified by humans via dikes and causeways. But it’s still a national park which means everything is natural and nothing has been ruining the animal and plant life.

Skærmbillede 2015-05-10 kl. 15.40.41

Today it was rainy and really windy. In the beginning of the day I was sure the trip would be canceled. But it wasn’t. The guide was ready to leave the land to go hunting the oysters. I wasn’t so sure about it, it was cold and wet. But as soon as we had arrived there was no way back and since everyone went out of course I did as well. Each one of the group had to bring a bucket to put the oysters in. There were two guides who both knew exactly where to find them.

If you ever think about going to the national park Wadden Sea, which also is a UNESCO Heritage Site, I highly recommend you to visit it in the south western part of Denmark. The guides are very friendly and not so used to non danish or non german tourists, but they say that all travelers are more than welcome to visit them here.

The best thing is that you get to take all the oysters you want and take them with you home. There is no limit and it’s free.

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I know that a lot of people think that you shouldn’t eat oysters during summer time. But these oysters get fresh water two times a day because of the tide. This means that they also have the right temperature. In most areas where you can find oysters you shouldn’t eat them during the months without an r in it. May, June, July and August are usually the “bad” months. But here in the Wadden Sea you can eat them all year around.

The guides even told us that they never heard of anyone getting sick from eating the oysters they caught!

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Going oyster hunting was a fun experience. It was fun tasting the oysters. After having buckets full, we grilled some of them in a forest with a castle ruin. Some of them were with lemon, some with tabasco and some with strawberry, lime and pepper.

Have you ever found oysters yourself? Or maybe even been to the Wadden Sea? Let me know!