If you ever go to Namibia, the one thing you should not miss is Etosha National Park. A 4 hour drive from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, will take you to the Etosha Pan. If you spend a couple of days here, you might get to see the big 5 and many more animals living in their true nature as wild animals. There are lots of springboks and elephants. Some times you get to see lions hunting or even cheetahs or leopards at the waterholes.

There are several ways to experience Etosha National Park.

1. Rent a car and explore by yourself. Camp in a tent or in a lodge.
2. Go on a guided tour, make campfire and sleep in tents.
3. Luxury guided tour. Stay in modern lodges and enjoy the game drives during the day.
These places have restaurants and Wi-Fi.



As for me, I chose to go on a guided 3-day trip with a local guide and sleep in tents to get the “real” experience of being in Namibia’s nature with the wildlife around me.

Some times at night it could be a bit scary not knowing which animals you think you hear or which ones walk by your tent at night. Maybe it’s just another human being who’s searching for the toilets. But it might as well be a leopard looking for something to eat.

Most campsites are located next to a waterholes that are lid up at night. With great distance a fence is built – not for your safety, it’s just so you know how close you’re allowed to the wild animals. Benches are put in rows, so everybody can enjoy watching the  rhinoceros and maybe at the same time enjoy reading a book. It’s always very important to keep quiet and not scare the animals away. The same with cameras – most places won’t allow you to use the flash.


So what I recommend:

1. If you haven’t been on a game drive before and never visited Namibia until now – have a local guide with you!
2. Try to go book a tour with max. 4 participants (then you can share a car instead of a bus). You’ll have a much more personalized experience!
3. Spent 2 nights in the park to gain full experience. This way you can almost make sure you’ve seen all the big animals.
4. Sleep in tents and not in a fancy lodge. It’s just for a night or two.

Have fun and enjoy!
And if anyone’s been to Etosha National Park already, let me know what you think of this place!