A big welcome to my new travel blogging series. I am so excited about the next couple of months! Here in Denmark the winter is very close and I am really looking forward to leaving the ice and snow we get.

So I’ll let you know about my big plans for the next couple of months.

This christmas my mom and I decided to visit my sister, who’s currently living in India. She lives in Chandigarh up north in the Punjab area. A few days before christmas eve we’ll take the flight from Copenhagen Airport and have out first stop in Abu Dhabi.

One of my great friends lives in Abu Dhabi, which means we’ll spend an entire day there together with him. I haven’t seen him for almost two years, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing him again.

Unfortunately we only have one day to spend in Abu Dhabi, since that’s our stop between Denmark and India. However, we’ll have 15 hours there to go sightseeing and enjoy the dry sun of the Emirates.

As soon as the sun sets my mom and I will head back to the airport to fly to Chandigarh, India.

This trip will take place on the 18th of December 2015 and we’ll go back to Denmark on the 30th of December.

After this exciting trip I’ll have my exams in the beginning of January. But this won’t stop me from traveling again! My friend from Abu Dhabi has some free days in January, where I plan to visit him for a week or two. There aren’t any set plans on this yet, but hopefully I will go there in the end of January.

As soon as I come back from Abu Dhabi I am going on a surf (and drink) trip to Morocco! Here I’ll spend 1-2 weeks together with other students from my university. Hopefully we’ll get a few days in Marrakech before we go surfing on the west coast.

I know I haven’t been visiting any exciting places for a while, so I honestly can’t describe how ready I am for all these trips. My last trip to Barcelona was months ago. And the summer spent in Norway didn’t feel like any vacation or anything new.

Going to India, Abu Dhabi and Morocco within 2 months is making me crazy happy and I promise to share every experience with you guys!

You can be looking forward to new posts about my trips every monday and wednesday.
And every thursday you can be looking forward to throwback thursdays, where we’ll enjoy the memories of the past.

Next post will be on wednesday the 18th of November!