So on my next little trip I went to Gstaad, Switzerland, for 6 days. I lived there 2 years ago and still feel madly in love with this place. During the last couple of years I always said to myself that I would visit this place again, but I never really had the time to do it. 

Finally I got time to go there this year and I truly loved it. Even though I wasn’t really escaping winter by going to Gstaad, I still had a wonderful time. There was so much snow and with the mountains covered by it it looked like winter wonderland.

I arrived at Geneva Airport in the evening and still had to take the train for 2,5 hours to Gstaad. The view of the country  that you have on the train is amazing. You get to see Switzerland’s nature and all your imaginations of what it looks like is something you’ll see on this train ride.


Almost at midnight I stood at Gstaad’s train station and looked up to the Palace Hotel. What a crazy feeling to be back. I couldn’t really understand it. The view was stunning. So I took a taxi to drive up to Alpina Hotel to meet with one of my former colleagues. I would stay at his place while being in Gstaad and he was still working, when I got there at night. So he gave me a glass of the best champagne to enjoy until he’d be off.

The first day in Gstaad I already met so many people, that I hadn’t seen in two years. I didn’t expect that they’d all still be there. But as some people say, the people in Gstaad never change.

We had lunch in a little restaurant the first day and got to catch up again. Of course we were drinking wine to it, as you should always do in Gstaad. And of course the wine was one of my favorites. In Gstaad I never know which wine I’m drinking, but I do know that it’s almost always my favorite one!

I was happy to see everyone again. And especially one person is the reason why my trip was fantastic.

With him I went for a walk through the mountains of Gstaad and saw all the expensive chalets of this place. We had no idea where we were, but it was not a place any of us had ever been to before.


The day after we went to Montreux just to have a coffee and go for a walk. It was crazy cold, so we didn’t stay long. On our way back I think we took the wrong road. We ended up in the mountains, where it was dark and snowing a lot. While driving we listened to Milky Chance’s Sadnecessary Album and prayed to survive this car trip. Getting a chalet holiday home is also a good idea as you can have your own space.

We were so relieved when we got back to Gstaad. And we were also hungry! So we went out for dinner to enjoy some swiss food and good wine.

The following days most people had to go to work, since it was weekend. But luckily I got to have breakfast with another friend, who’s Swedish, who is the only one I didn’t work with 2 years ago. We had a coffee and talked about everything for a couple of hours.

I’m sure I will see all of the people again one day. I can’t describe the good feeling of being in Gstaad. Once you’re there you’re in a different world. Once you leave you want to go back.


Thanks for the most amazing days!

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