I have lots of updates for you!! First, let’s talk abut the trip to India. 🙂


First of all, I am so sorry I didn’t make a post last Wednesday. But there has been too much going on with planning this trip and  school and work here in Copenhagen. Exams are coming up, but now I am more or less getting prepared for India.

Last Friday I went to the embassy of India in Copenhagen to apply for my tourist visa.

Even though I was there 15 min before they opened, there was already a queue in front of the main entrance. And a few minutes after my arrival, the queue behind me was even longer. I thought I was early and would be able to get back home within half an hour. But apparently, it’s even indian time at the embassy. I had to wait there for 3 hours, because there were 20 people in the queue in front of me. And apparently, this takes time!

But 3 hours later, I got to know that everything was okay and that I could return on the 14th of December to pick up my visa for India. I am so happy and super excited!


As you might remember from my first post, I am also going to Morocco! The trip will take place 2nd of February to 13 of February 2016! The entire trip is already planned. A few days ago I bought the flight ticket to Marrakech.

A few friends of mine are going to Marrakech for 4 days with me, where we’re just going to chill, party and have a good time.

We haven’t planned more than that right now. But more will come!