Most places I visit are places that don’t require me to have a visa. But this time, for India, I need a tourist visa. The process of applying for a visa is both challenging but also very entertaining.

For days I’ve been struggling to fill out the tourist visa application form. And there were certain things that made me wonder.

I both study and work at the same time. I spend equally much time on both things. But when they asked me what my main occupation was, I immediately thought that I’d write student. But when I did this I had to give them information about either my father’s or spouse’s occupation. And since none of those things were something I could give more details about, since I don’t have a spouse and my dad isn’t working, I simply just wrote that I was working, which of course is true as well.

But this was just one of the few things, where I see that the culture is very different. I’m not used to having a man in my life who earns money for me, I take care of the moneymaking myself.

Another thing was that I had to list all the countries visited during the last 10 years! Wow, I thought. Fortunately, there was only space enough to write about 7 countries, so I didn’t have to list all of them.

When I later had some troubles not understanding what they asked me about, I just googled to check it. I found a little list which explained what to write for each question. This helped me a lot – I found out, that I didn’t have to be very accurate about everything. If I didn’t know the precise date of last time I traveled somewhere, I just had to write the date I thought I was gone.

Has any of you applied for a visa to India? Did you find it as difficult, challenging, but at the same time as entertaining as I thought it was? Let me know!