It’s entirely on purpose that I didn’t choose to book the cheapest flight to India. And with a 15 hour stop in Abu Dhabi, I feel like I still chose one of the best flight tickets available. I could have gotten a flight ticket much cheaper, but being able to spend a day in Abu Dhabi visiting my friend was a chance, I simply couldn’t say no to. My mom agrees, and since she has never been to Abu Dhabi before, she is just as excited as I am.

Once we arrive in Chandigarh, we got 10 days to spend there. Being a European, who has never been to India before, I am well aware that it’s not enough time if we want to explore all of India. These 10 days will be spend on exploring the Punjabi area of India.

My sister and her local friend are going to pick us up at the airport and drive us to hotel Lemon Tree, where we plan to sleep all day. I really hope we won’t have too much of a jet lag the rest of the time in India.

Luckily, Lemon Tree is located very close to a shopping mall, which means that the day we arrive we’ll just have to sleep and maybe have a coffee and quick shopping trip in the mall.

I am so excited about going to India and visit my sister. Usually, when we go traveling, we are not spending the days in the hotel or relaxing. We always plan to see as much as possible. Even though this is my only holiday during the year (except for summer holidays), we’re not planning on having a relaxed vacation. There are things to be seen and explored, and we don’t have that much time for it.

So here’s a short list of things we plan to see in Chandigarh:

  • My sisters school and apartment.
  • Shopping malls
  • Rock Garden (a sculpture garden made of home waste and thrown-away items)
  • All the different gardens (Rose Garden, Terrasse Garden, etc.)
  • Timber Trail (goes up to the mountains)

Most of the famous things to see in India are so far away, that we can’t make it all the way to see it. However, we also don’t just want to see the famous sights, we’re much more interested in getting to know the local culture in Chandigarh.

If anyone has been to Chandigarh before, let me know!