Christmas evening is today – worldwide!

Even though most people celebrate the same happening today, we celebrate it in very different ways! Usually some of us go to church, but this year it was only my grandmother and my sister.

Here is what we do christmas eve:


In the morning (24th) everything for the evening is prepared. There are lots of good movies in TV to watch.

Even though most families in Denmark aren’t that religious, Christmas Eve is the one day of the year where people go to church.

All the christmas presents are put under the tree. And everybody takes a picture to post on Instagram and Facebook! At least this is what I experienced 🙂

Sound of Music

Every christmas at 4 PM Disney’s Christmas Show is shown on TV. It’s kind of a tradition to show this every year. We watched the Christmas Show and the movie Sound of Music right after while we were waiting for the food.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the food. Sorry! Like most other danish families, we were eating duck for dinner.

After dinner we have a dessert called risalamande. It’s a rice porridge dessert with cream and crushed almonds. In the dessert one whole almond is hidden. The one who gets the almond wins a little prize (often a little marzipan pig).

When all family members are full of food it’s time for the presents. In Denmark (and rest of Scandinavia as well) we open the presents in the evening (24th).

I celebrate christmas with my mom, dad, sister and grandparents. I got everything I wanted. It was a lovely day with enough chocolate, food and presents! Since I haven’t been home the last 2 years for christmas, it was about time for me to celebrate it at home.

Thank you for this year! It has been wonderful. xoxo