The summer finally arrived here in Copenhagen, Denmark. This means that I don’t have to escape the cold winter anymore. The trips to Abu Dhabi, India, Morocco, Switzerland and Belgium have been amazing. I already have begun going through a few Rome Roma Italy Travel Deals for my next vacation as well. There has been a lot of traveling going on this winter – so many good memories!

While summer is on it’s way, I am currently still planning my travels for the summer, which will take place around Europe. I have visited most countries in Europe, but that doesn’t mean I can explore things I haven’t seen before.

My summer travels start next week already, where I’ll go to Germany for a few days. Here I’ll visit one of my good friends, with whom I traveled to Namibia with twice. I’ll take the flight to Düsseldorf and from what I think she has planned, we’ll go an see her city and go out in Köln.

Other than Germany, there are two countries on my list: Austria and Spain!

I am super excited for both travels. Austria is one of the few countries in Europe which I’ve never been to before. So for me it’s about time to go there and see what they have to offer. We’ll be around St Johann in Tirol, since this is a place my mom loves a lot. I’ll travel with my family and together we’ll spend a week there in July.

Right after my trip to Austria, I have one day in Copenhagen before I depart again to Marbella, Spain! One of my favorite childhood friends and I have been talking about going on summer holidays together for years. We’d love to have the other girls from school with us as well, but unfortunately the timing is not perfect for them this year.

But we’re still looking forward to the trip a lot and can’t wait to enjoy the southern and sunny part of Spain!

As it happened with my winter plans, there are always spontaneous trips coming up, which weren’t part of my plans from my beginning. So be looking forward to that.