Lovely Copenhagen!
In the beginning of August I got to know that I was accepted to university – Copenhagen Business School. Real shit begins!

Life got real and I had to move. All I needed now was a place to live, a new job and a new macbook.

Copenhagen is awesome. Even though I am from Denmark I still feel like a tourist sometimes. I like to go shopping and see all the tourist sightseeing things. So I thought why not make a guide of the famous things about Denmark for what to see and do in Copenhagen!


Here’s a TOP 5 over things to do/see in Copenhagen:

1. The Little Mermaid
You will probably be disappointed. But it’s a must see when going to Copenhagen. It’s the little statue of a mermaid sitting on a stone. She’s small. But you’ll meet a lot of asian tourists there! 

2. Strøget
The shopping street of Copenhagen. Here you’ll find everything you need. They have LV, Gucci and expensive stores in one end of the street and the cheap ones in the other end. 

3. Tivoli
It’s close to Central Station and just amazing! Tivoli is an amusement park known world wide. It looks really cute and you can go eat dinner in one of the many restaurants around. 

4. Christiania
It’s a town in a town. Christianian people follow their own rules in this freetown. They have their own community with places to eat and hang out. Beware – hash is being sold in there! 

5. Amalienborg Palace
This is where the queen lives. You will not see her and there won’t be much action there. But it is huge and beautiful. What you want to do there is to take a picture of one of the guardians. They really don’t like it but people do it all the time! 


So, that’s it for now! There isn’t really anything else to see in Copenhagen. It’s cold, windy and rainy (especially now during the fall).

But it’s cute – and if you’re from outside Scandinavia, I’m pretty sure you will say the same. Have fun and good luck! See you next monday with travel post.


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