Is it really possible? Yes, it is! Even though I am living in Copenhagen right now, I have also been a tourist once. And never have I felt that there were too many things to see. But now I know what a traveler should see and what is not worth spending your time on.

If you have a day or even more than a day, then there are definitely lots of things you can see and do in Copenhagen. But what I would recommend (if the weather is with you), then you should go for a walk!

While studying here in this beautiful city I chose to be a buddy for an exchange student from Arizona, USA. And here the other day I spend a bit more than an hour with him just to catch up and see how he’s doing here in Denmark. We just went for a walk and after an hour I realized that we’ve actually seen all things worth seeing in Copenhagen.

We met at Nørreport, which is probably the most central area of Copenhagen. This is where you find trains, metro and s-train. Except from the metro, you’ll find the same trains at the Central Station.

The things you will see on this walk are:

  • Nørrebro
  • Central Station and Tivoli
  • Islands Brygge
  • Christianshavn

For me, those 4 place are super cozy and definitely summer hang-outs. It’s free to go there and you just sense the Copenhagener atmosphere in the summer. If you’re not super into museums and you want to explore the local lifestyle of Copenhagen, then this is definitely where you should go.

On the way there are lots of small cafés and restaurants, where you can sit outside and look at all the people biking by.

If you are in Copenhagen, I would love to show you around. 🙂