Do you know a friend/family member who travels a lot? And you have no idea what christmas present that person would like?

Most travelers live in a suitcase. Even me, who moved to Copenhagen. For 4 months I didn’t bother assembling my new bought furniture. I just had my stuff in suitcases. Truth is, most travelers don’t care about materialistic things. Yes, it’s nice go get jewelry, a new phone, clothes etc. But what makes a traveler truly happy are experiences. It can be difficult to give an experience to someone who’s always on the road.



Here are my ideas of christmas presents:

Gift card for flight ticket
Most (or a lot) of airlines sell gift cards for flight tickets. This is a big help if someone is going traveling. It’s not really that personal, but it will make her/him happy!

Cabin bag
Who doesn’t need a new cabin bag? If it’s for a person who travels a lot, chances are that the bag is cheap or old. People who travel much don’t spend their money on bags. This is a materialistic thing that would actually be useful.

Free vacation
The thing that travelers hate the most about traveling is the high cost of traveling. A weekend trip to London or all inclusive vacation out of the season would impress. The traveler would feel that you understand her/him. It’s not always expensive if you choose the right dates.

Travel friendly items
Minishampoo, toilet bag, bug spray, cash, GoPro etc. All the small things that fit into a suitcase and are helpful for traveling.

Travelers appreciate books more thank you think. On a 9 hour flight to South Africa it get pretty boring if you have no entertainment. Books about traveling or books with a good story won’t disappoint!

The simple thing. This is what makes me happy for christmas. If I get enough for christmas then the next vacation is already booked before New Years Eve. Boring, but very helpful!