Top Things To See in Abu Dhabi

One thing I like about Abu Dhabi is that it's not overcrowded with tourists the same way Dubai is. Obviously, Dubai has all the cool things like indoor skiing, the largest building and largest shopping mall in the world. But I believe this is exactly where Abu Dhabi has an advantage. Abu Dhabi is the [...]

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Best Places to Eat in Kuwait

It is no secret that it has exploded with American fast food chains in Kuwait City. But even with the American brands popping up everywhere, it is still possible to enjoy the local cuisine of Kuwait. This spring, I visited Kuwait and while there weren’t too many sights to explore, I had the time to [...]

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Top Things To See in Dubai

Within the past years, Dubai has exploded with tourism and attractions. They have the world's tallest building and the world's largest shopping mall. For a city that discovered oil in the 1950's and 1960's, they have had a rapid growth of tall buildings and is today considered a luxury travel destination with 7-star hotels and [...]

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