Budget Friendly Restaurants in Copenhagen

We all know it. Scandinavia is expensive, and the food prices don’t exactly let your travel budget last longer. As I have been living in Copenhagen for 5 years now, I want to share my favorite budget-friendly restaurants with you guys. All places can be found in the city center, so it’s super easy to [...]

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My visit to Chernobyl: The most radioactive place on the planet

On my trip to Kiev, I visited the most radioactive place on the planet: Chernobyl.

It seems that everybody has heard of Chernobyl, and a lot of people would love to go visit this place but [...]

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Weekend trip to Toulouse | France

This time, I spent my weekend in Toulouse, France. After having visited the festival Tomorrowland in July this year, I met a couple of new friends that I really wanted to see again. One of those friends lives in Toulouse. And I couldn’t really see why I should stay home, when Toulouse has sunshine and a [...]

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Pairi Daiza | Belgium

After having visited the Belgian festival Tomorrowland 2 weeks ago, I decided to go back to Belgium for one day to visit Pairi Daiza. Pairi Daiza is a zoo located south west from Brussels in the french part of the country. On the website of Pairi Daiza they clearly state that this is the best zoo [...]

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