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I am so excited to know that you made it all this way to my travel blog. This is the place where I am sharing all my adventures from around the world with you guys. All places are worth seeing, and I can show you that every country that is possible visiting, is a place that you can visit as a female solo traveler, too!

Since 2012, it has been my mission to travel the world and see all countries on the globe. And I really hope that you’ll join me for this crazy adventure!

For the past years, I have been in love with Africa – and every year I choose to visit a new place in Africa all by myself. When I’m not visiting Africa, I try to see all other amazing places where you can go on adventures. Diving, hiking, safari, surfing, eating and so on and so on.

You can read my story or get inspired from the topics below!

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805, 2019

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