I made a post before – Advantages of Traveling Solo. I made this post since I usually travel by myself and have found lots of benefits by doing so.

Now I have tried to travel with a man – my boyfriend! For the first time in the last couple of years I am non-solo traveling. In the beginning I was a bit sceptic. Sure, I didn’t tell anyone. I told everyone that I was looking very much forward to it. Of course I was, but on the inside I had many questions of how this was going to be.

I know we’re just talking about 1 week to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, here. But the planning had to be different. I had to remember that it was his vacation as well. And we would have to compromise if he would lay on the beach while I’d like to sightseeing or the other way around! I already knew that I would want to go diving. He doesn’t have a diving certificate and could only take intro dive or go snorkeling. I wasn’t sure if he would spend one day waiting for me while I dive the Red Sea.

But luckily it all went fine! In fact, there are many advantages of traveling with a man. Usually I have no problem even though I’m a blonde, scandinavian girl. But here they are. The advantages of traveling with a man:

1. You feel much more safe
I felt safe in the evening. We were in a country where the woman usually don’t go outside that much. Men are everywhere. I felt safe when walking through the streets with my boyfriend. The men didn’t approach me in the same way I had experienced in Namibia or other countries.

2. The local men don’t approach you that much
Walking through the streets there are not many men asking you to marry them, when you’re holding hands with your beloved boyfriend. I didn’t get any phone numbers or any proposals. What a relief, if I have to be honest.

3. You can share the experiences with him
Going back home you can always remind each other of the great time you had. The other person won’t get tired of you no matter how often you say, “Do you remember the time in Egypt when…?” He will look back at it the same way you did.

4. The Man is handy
Traveling alone means you have to carry everything by your own. Rolling the suitcase to the hotel room, having purse, camera, books etc. in your hand luggage. Having a man by your side will truly help you. He can take the suitcase, he can carry the camera or the heavy travel book you brought. Very handy indeed.

5. You get inspired
Sure, as a traveler used to going traveling, you know how to plan your trips. However, sometimes you forget something or there is information that you don’t know. Two brains are better than one. Maybe he remembers things, wants to explorer other things than you. And suddenly, you get inspired to travel in a different way. He will open your eyes for new things.

6. Accommodation suddenly becomes cheaper
You can share the bed, right? Sharing the room will decrease the price for you. Lucky you!

What do you guys prefer? Traveling alone or with someone?