Traveling as a couple or with a close friend can have lots of benefits. First time travelers will definitely feel more safe. You’re also able to save money for accommodation. But best of all – you get someone to share your experiences with.

First time when I traveled to a place far away for more than 2 weeks, I traveled as a group with 20 other Danish people. All young adults who just finished high school. To me it felt very safe to travel with other people from Denmark and not have that many responsibilities. Every meal, activity etc. was planned into detail.

I soon found out that planning my own travels would be much better for me. Some activities were not interesting to us as a group, and soon it felt like that we had spend too much money. We could have spend the money on things we’d like to try/see or just save it for something else.

It was a great experience though. We traveled through Honduras and El Salvador and still had a lot of fun! I really liked it there. But I still knew that this would be the only time where I’d travel as a group.

After enjoying Honduras and El Salvador it was time to go see Africa. By myself. I admit it – I was a bit scared. My mom and the rest of my family didn’t believe that I could go there all alone.
But in the end it all turned out very well with no problems.

Traveling alone gave me huge benefits. I decided all my myself when to go without having to plan the dates with another person. Since I was taking a year off I could go anytime I wanted. With great power comes great responsibility!

In the end of August I landed in Windhoek Airport in Namibia, Africa. I remember leaving the aircraft in the morning just before 6 AM, where the sun was just about to rise. Beautiful!

Namibia natureAt the airport I had to show my working visa and passport. Right after I was picked up and on the road to Windhoek. The drive from the airport to Windhoek in the morning is beautiful. The sun is huge and red! To be honest, I almost cried. I thought “I did all this by myself” and had the feeling that this was going to be my best trip ever – which was true and still is today.

At the same time, I am an ambivert person, which means that I need to keep my social life in balance with the time I spend alone. Traveling alone is a great opportunity to keep that in balance. You choose by yourself when you want to socialize and when you keep your distance from the social life. This was great for me. During the day I tried to socialize with all the people around, but in the evening I always felt that I needed to be on my own and recharge for the following day.

Traveling alone made me feel more confident and secure about myself. Today I know exactly what I want and how get it. I have met so many new friends from all over the world.

I have experienced things that would only happen when traveling on my own. Maybe living on a wildlife farm was part of the reason. Many challenges were faced where you had to get your act together.

I believe that I wouldn’t have been that open minded when traveling with a friend. And the bucket list would not have changed much.

Of course. For some people it’s better to travel with a friend. But there is not one way of traveling that is better and more correct than the other. The most important thing is to make the most of it and achieve your goals.