Marbella is located in the south of Andalusia, Spain. I went there for a week this summer and just loved it. Every day was a busy day filled with restaurant visits, beach trips and shopping tours. Together with my friends I gathered a complete guide for Marbella with all the things to see and do, the locations of Marbella, where to stay and where to eat. Enjoy!

So here’s the complete guide to a place that has it all!


Puerto Banús
Just right outside the center of Marbella you’ll find the luxury marina and shopping complex Puerto Banús. This is the place you go to if you want to see people and if you want to be seen by other people as well. It’s all about the looks. This area has luxury stores, expensive yachts and cars floating around and all the clubs are there as well. Be aware – everything is a bit more expensive than the other areas of Marbella.

Old Town Marbella
Spanish tapas, pintxos and wine is definitely not hard to find in the Old Town of Marbella. Go for a stroll and see the little boutiques around, which are right next to all the good restaurants. Many places have food starting from 1€ per tapas or pintxos. Don’t go for the most expensive wine – just choose something local from the area.

La Cañada Shopping Center
There’s only one really good shopping center in Marbella, and that one is called La Cañada! They have all the typical brands like MANGO, ZARA and Bershka. There are also lots of American brands there. With all the shops there it’s easy to find the perfect Spanish summer outfit. And it’s easy to get there! You can either go with the bus that takes you directly there or quickly get a cab and be there within few minutes.

Parque de Alameda and The Beach
The Alameda park is just next to the beach and is a nice place with a fountain and a little carousel. Perfect place to shoot a few pictures either before or after your trip to the beach. At the beach there are many really good restaurants, which are definitely worth a visit. It costs a bit more, but the food is delicious and you have a great view.

Ronda is a city a bit more north of Marbella. This place is known for their delicious wine and wine tastings. Rent a car and go for a one hour drive to get there.



Day Clubbing
Definitely try day clubbing, since this is what everyone speaks about in Marbella. A huge recommendation is Ocean Club in Puerto Banús. A really cool place if you’re looking for exclusivity!

Why not travel to another country without really leaving Spain? Just remember your passport and go for a day trip to Gibraltar, which is a British territory just 1-2 hours drive from Marbella. Take the cable car and visit the home of the only wild monkeys in Europe!

Guided Tours
I booked a guided tour through, where the most amazing guide showed us around the city. She showed us Old Town Marbella and Puerto Banús, where we just got a drink. The tour lasted 3 hours, and afterwards it just felt like having seen it all!

Stay On The Water
The beaches are amazing. This is the place to go sailing, diving, snorkeling, ride a banana boat, swim, kayaking. Spend as much time on the water as possible. The view is a dream! For surfing visit the city Estepona.

Tangier, Morocco
If you have a bit more time in Morocco, take a boat to Tangier, Morocco, and return back home the next day. There are boats leaving every day from Marbella. This gives you a break from the South European siesta feeling and gives you the opportunity to dive into the medina, where a completely different world awaits you.



Definitely start your day out at Cappuccino, which is actually a café chain found in other cities as well. Get your cappuccino, a mimosa and order some breakfast while you enjoy the ocean view. The staff is delivering the best service you could imagine and the food (and of course cappuccino) is all you ever needed in your life. Cappuccino is found at Paseo Maritimo just between Puerto Banús and Old Town Marbella.

Nikki Beach
Since there are better day clubs in Marbella than Nikki Beach, you should just go there for the food. Their restaurant has overly delicious food and without being too expensive you can again enjoy the ocean view they offer. Try their seafood or go to one of their events like the bbq night, which is nothing less than amazing.

La Taberne del Pintxo
When visiting Marbella, tapas and pintxos are things you can’t avoid. La Taberne del Pintxo is in Old Town Marbella close to the water. You don’t have to make a reservation, just go there, take a table and wait for the food arriving. It’s highly recommended to sit outside, order some wine and just be relaxed. Inside the restaurant there is a buffet with the cold dishes, but if you just wait then the waiters will come out with plates of both hot and cold dishes. You just take what you like and pay for everything when you’re  done.


W H E R E  T O  S T A Y

We stayed in a AirBnB apartment close to Parque de Alameda and Old Town Marbella. We were so lucky and could walk to almost everything. The prices are very affordable in Marbella. And unless you plan on staying in a resort, you can get really great apartments in good areas!

Sisu Boutique Hotel
Puerto Banús, glamour, exclusivity! If you love these things and don’t think it’s bad to drink champagne during the day and be in pool party mood all day, then this is where you should stay. The hotel is located in the best area of Puerto Banús – a few km outside Old Town Marbella.

Marbella Club
If you’re more into staying at a resort, then Marbella Club is where to go. It’s officially called Marbella Club, Golf Resort & Spa.


Do you have more places to add? Or is something missing?
Let me know about your Marbella experience! xx


// nothing was sponsored in this article. Every recommended place is a place I’ve been to myself and something I chose to put on the list, because it’s great!