The British territory Gibraltar is just between Spain and Morocco. If you choose to visit Costa Del Sol or just the southern part of Spain then Gibraltar should definitely be on your to-do list!

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Gibraltar!

1. The only place in Europe where you’ll see wild monkeys

Nowhere in Europe there are wild monkeys – except for Gibraltar. They live in the mountain and are easy to find. There’s a cable car that will take you directly to the top. Here you can enjoy the view over the country and meet a monkey or two.

2. The airport’s runway is build on water

Gibraltar is more or less just a mountain, which made it difficult to build an airport. That’s why they had to build part of the runway on the water. In order to enter the country you have to either drive og walk across the runway to get to the city center.

3. Picture potential

The mountain is not large – but still very steep. It’s an amazing place to take photos both from the top of the mountain and on the ground.

4. Gibraltar is a peninsula perfect for sunset watching

If you stay there for a night there are lots of places where you can see a beautiful sunset (or sunrise!).

5. Shopping is different than in Spain

They have different stores with different British brands. Definitely worth it if you’re a shopaholic or just like to go windowshopping.

6. The Neanderthals are said to have died out in Gibraltar

Even though Gibraltar’s culture is influenced by the British, it is said that this is the place where the Neanderthals have died out. Now, however, you see red phone boxes everywhere, you pay with pounds and go shopping in British stores.

7. Great dive spots

There’s a big variety of dive spots for the dive lover in Gibraltar. Why not see the country from the top of a mountain and from below the surface of the water as well?

8. British food culture gets mixed with the Mediterranean 

The cuisine is a bit different than Great Britain’s and Spain’s – it’s a mix. And delicious!

9. It’s small, unique and has a very relaxed atmosphere

Gibraltar should be on everyone’s bucket list of unique places to visit. Everything is just different and far more relaxed than many other places.

10. The nature is stunning and perfect for hikes, bike tours or just a coffee break

If you only got one day to spend here there are different ways to see the city. Go on a hike, bike tour or just enjoy the view of the country with a coffee at the marina or in the city while looking at other people.


Have you been to Gibraltar? Why do you think this place needs a visit?