Have you ever thought about working and traveling at the same time? There are lots op opportunities for work & travel in Europe. I have worked more in Norway and Switzerland than I have worked in my home country Denmark. Why shouldn’t I, if it’s possible, easy and brings enough money on my account for further traveling?

Norway and Switzerland are some of the countries in the world with the highest salaries. They are expensive countries, which is the reason behind the high salaries. This is a great opportunity if you want to save a lot of money within short time. A lot of people choose not to travel in those countries, since it’s all so expensive. But if you actually work and live there for a while, it’s much cheaper for you!

I worked 5 months in Norway’s biggest ski destination, Trysil. During those 5 months I never had to pay anything to go skiing. Lift card and ski rental was all free for the resorts employees.

Almost the same thing happened in Switzerland, where I worked in one of the countries best hotels. They had ski rental as well and offered the employees a 40% discount.

After working in Norway and Switzerland I felt like I had seen the country and was ready to travel to the next destination.

So how are you going to do the same?

I am not sure about any visa rules from citizens outside EU. Norway and Switzerland are not members of the EU, so they might have different rules. I only know how it works for EU citizens.

As a first rule: EU citizens do not need a visa to work in either of those two countries.
Second: It is much preferred if you know the language they speak in their countries. If you do not, then you can still get a job. But the salary/job might not be as interesting.

In Norway they speak English perfectly. But do you know Danish, Swedish or Norwegian; you’re on the safe side and get respected as an “insider”.

In Switzerland, however, they speak multiple languages. Just like the Norwegians, they understand and speak English. They also speak Italian, German and French – it all depends on where in Switzerland you go.

Most people speak one of all the languages I just mentioned. So don’t worry!

So how do you find these jobs?
Most of them are seasonal jobs, which I’m pretty sure you have no problem with.

Let’s start with finding a job in SWITZERLAND:

Switzerland is a great place to work if you have some sort of education. They love to hire international staff if you are specializes somehow. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a job without education, but it’s a big plus if you’re good at something.

Search for big international companies or tourist destinations (e.g. St Moritz or Arosa).
In the hospitality industry you can look for Swiss Deluxe Hotels. On their website you find all the best hotels of Switzerland. Most of them have a winter season and summer season and often hire people from outside Switzerland.

If you want to work within the hospitality industry, this is the place to look for a job. It is supposed to be an international website, but most jobs here are located in Switzerland.

Work in a summer camp. There are lots of options for which type of job you can get here. But you must be a EU citizen to work there.

Expected salary: 3500-4000 CHF (almost the same in US Dollar) pr month before taxes.

And now we go on to NORWAY:

Here you’ll find a good guide for first time job seekers in Norway. On the right side you can find English speaking vacancies in Norway.

Do you want to work in the capital Oslo? And you don’t know how to speak Scandinavian (yet)? On this website all English speakers can find jobs in Oslo. However, this may not be seasonal jobs – but real jobs for the one who wants to stay in Norway for more than a season.


If you already know a Scandinavian language, Finn.no is the way to go. This is where most employers put up job adverts. On the same website you can sell/buy used things, find a place to live and much more. It’s a website that has everything!

If you don’t feel lucky with these websites it’s also a good idea to just search for bars, restaurants and hotels in the different cities. Sometimes they don’t put a job advert up, but instead they just wait for applications because they aren’t in a hurry with finding an employee.

I don’t recommend signing up for CV databases. So many people do it and are just there on standby. It’s very difficult to stand out on a database, where there are thousands of CV’s to go through. Rather send you application directly to the company you want to work for.

I really hope those websites will help you find a job in either Norway or Switzerland.
Those are the two countries with the highest salaries and I know they hire many people who are not local.

Last but not least I found this website AnyWorkAnyWhere where you can look for a job anywhere in the world. I have never used it and have no experience with the website, but there’s lots information about visa, tax etc. that could be worth knowing before you go.

Have you worked in either Norway, Switzerland or another country in Europe? How did you get the job?