This time, I spent my weekend in Toulouse, France. After having visited the festival Tomorrowland in July this year, I met a couple of new friends that I really wanted to see again. One of those friends lives in Toulouse. And I couldn’t really see why I should stay home, when Toulouse has sunshine and a pool, while it is getting really cold in Denmark these days. 

I arrived early afternoon Friday, so we almost had 3 full days in the city. We started the day with lunch and a bottle of wine. After this, we decided to explore the city a bit.

In France, Toulouse is known as the city with the red bricks all over – La Ville Rose. Even though the city is the fourth largest in the country, it actually doesn’t feel like you’re visiting a big city. Approximately half a million people live here, and the city is located right at the Garonne river, which ends at the Mediterranean Sea. Today, Toulouse is partly known for being the hometown of Airbus, who produces aircrafts for many of the large international airlines. If you drive through the city, you will see building after building with the name Airbus on it.

The city offers quite a lot of diversity. Besides being the hometown of aviation, you will also see so much history and culture. In the city, 112,000 students live here. Visiting the city, you are not even surprised why they chose to live in Toulouse. There is simply so much to see and explore. Walking through the streets of the city, the surroundings will remind you of a different age. Several palaces where built back in the renaissance and baroque. And the city hall Capitole de Toulouse was built in the middle of the 1700s.

Here are my ideas of what you should definitely see when visiting Toulouse:

1. Visit Capitole de Toulouse

The heart of the city. It is free to visit Capitole de Toulouse, which is located in the center of the city. You shouldn’t miss this visit. All of the architecture and painting in the building will really impress you. According to their guides, this is a place where you can get married, watch the opera and get your passport renewed.

2. Walk along the Garonne river

Or go on a boat tour. Both options are fantastic. Now that we’re not close to the ocean, it it wonderful being able to enjoy the water by the river. Taking a boat tour will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

3. Pont Neuf

Here you will find the oldest bridge of the city. It goes back to the 16th century and is found by the Garonne river. So if you have a visit to the river, you will most likely not miss this one.

4. Theatre du Capitole

In the theatre you can see both opera and ballet. It’s slightly smaller what you might be used to, but the surroundings are beautiful, so it will be a lovely experience. The theatre is located in the same building as Capitole du Toulouse.

5. Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle

Toulouse has many museums, and if you should choose one, this would be it. Here you can learn about the relationship between the man and nature, the evolution and the Earth.

6. Eat or go out at Le Telegramme

During the day or evening, you can eat her. But during night time Le Telegramme changes into a night club. There are several floors, and every place has its own music. Back in the days, this building was used as a post office, which makes the place quite special compared to other bars and clubs in the city.

Of course, there are many more places to visit in Toulouse – primarily restaurants and bars, where you can have  nice glass of wine or eat delicious food. There’s also many churches to visit. Unfortunately, I only had 3 days, which wasn’t enough at all to see the entire city or the area around it.

If anyone has been to Toulouse, I would love to hear about it. Just let me know, if I have missed anything!