My view of diving might be different from others. I always think that drinking and diving goes hand in hand together. The place also has to be hot, humid, and have clear water.

When I took my Open Water divers license and later the advanced as well, I had the impression that you could only be hungover to be able to dive.

This is thanks to the smallest of the Bay Islands, Utila, which is located in the Caribbean. It’s part of Honduras, but most people here are definitely not Hondurans. Most of them are from The US, some from Canada with the use of resources as used cars ottawa for this, and a few from Europe as well.

It’s a very small island, 11 km (6,8 miles) on the longest and 4 km (2,5 miles) on the widest. However, there are 60 diving sites and about 17 diving operators available. Lots of bars and people, but then it’s about it. Everything is located on one street and it’s crowded! Some people say it’s the best place on Earth to dive. It’s like a hidden gem.

My impression was exactly like the rumors. It’s all about drinking and diving. Dive early morning, 2-4 times a day, but then go crazy at night.

These days I’m wondering how I got my certificate and how I could dive so many times every day, go drinking all night and still have time to sleep. It makes no sense in my world, but somehow I managed and didn’t feel bad about it at all.

One of our dive instructors told us a story about how she got so drunk one night, and the next morning she had a dive. She felt so sick the following day and ended up throwing up in her regulator. Luckily she had an extra one.

But this is just a typical story you hear from the people there.

A legend says that if you visit Utila, you will never leave again. I knew so many people who planned on staying for a couple of weeks. 3 weeks easily turned into 3 months. And this happened for so many people. I would definitely have done the same, if I weren’t visiting with a group of other Danes.

So, what’s the deal and why should you go?

Even though it doesn’t sound awesome to go to a place where it’s all about drinking. But I can guarantee the best time of your life here. You might think it’s just full of tourists. But they are all so friendly and fun!

I don’t even have anything negative to mention about Utila, because it’s just as awesome as people say!

I highly recommend you to choose Utila Dive Center. This is the largest center on the island and a very, very good one. They have bar and you can take all kinds of classes. This is where people meet each other.

For dinner (and lunch) there’s a very nice restaurant (compared to all the other ones) called Buccaneers. They serve everything and the food is really delicious. They also have nice cocktails, if you’re in for that (of course you are).
This is also the first place I ever enjoyed coffee. Since then I love drinking coffee.

Another one is Neptunes, but you can only access by boat, which is kind of cool.

There are several that you MUST visit!
First one: Skid Row Bar
They have a challenge, where you have to drink the traditional kind of alcohol called guiffity. It tastes like sh*t, but it’s something you must go through in order to get one of their t-shirts that the rest of the people on the island wear.

Second one: Rehab
You gotta go here if you want more challenges and more free t-shirts! Shots it is again.

Third one: Treetanic
The decoration here is exceptional. Well done and very beautiful. You truly feel like you’re sitting in a tree. A must visit for your camera!

Utila is not a place you visit just for a vacation, where your goal is to lay on the beach and tan. There are not that many beaches and most people here stay “long term” which is more than 3 weeks. What they all have in common is that the people here study for their next certificate, whether it’s just Open Water or Dive Instructor. It doesn’t matter – as long as it’s dive studying.

Anyone who has been to Utila before? What is your impression of diving?