So, I finally got back from from the wildest festival, I have ever attended. The festival is Tomorrowland in Belgium! Either you have heard about it before and know that it’s the absolute craziest thing to go there. Or you have never heard of it and comment to me after I get home “Oh, I didn’t think you were into electronic music”. And well, no, it isn’t the music I listen to all day long at home. But once you’re at a festival, it is simply the ultimate best. It makes the vibe much better and everyone is in a good mood and having fun.

It was my first time at Tomorrowland. I have some friends, who have been there every time the past 4-5 years. So this year, it was time for me and my friend to go as well. We heard about this festival for so many years that we decided to buy tickets back in January.

We chose a package where hotel and flights are included in the price. It made the experience much smoother. At no time it was necessary to think about any planning yourself. Everything is planned for you. They guide you directly from the gate at the airport to the right shuttle. And then they drive you straight to your hotel. And every day the shuttle busses go back and forth between the festival and the hotel. It was all perfectly arranged. Choosing this package was the best decision when you haven’t been there before.

There are 200,000 people at the festival. At our hotel my friend and I met two German guys, who drank champagne all day long. And even though it is such a big festival, we met those guys 5 times during the weekend. Every time we were so surprised, because there simply are so many people. We really didn’t expect to see them again – and not that many times!

You just meet SO many people at Tomorrowland. Some of the people I still keep in touch with. And that’s quite cool. It could be interesting to meet them again while being sober. Or just being in a different environment than all the loud, electronic music vibes.

And of course, my phone got stolen. It is typically me. But luckily our hotel was located right next to a shopping mall. The next morning I just bought a new iPhone. But the pictures from the first day are lost, unfortunately.

Luckily, it only took one hour until my mood was back on top again. The concerts were the best and they were the reason I was in such a good mood again already after one hour. There were 2 stages, which were my favorite. Obviously, Main Stage is one of them. Here I experienced my favorite concerts. We saw Tiesto, David Guetta, Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix and Afrojack. All great artists!

There are so many reasons why Tomorrowland is my favorite festival of them all. It is not only because of the music. It is the atmosphere and the vibes. The people who arranged it made such a good job planning everything and making sure all decorations, stages and colors were on point. There were so many details everywhere that you don’t even always notice. But once you do, you realize how well thought through everything is.

The festival is 3-4 days in heaven, where everybody is happy, enjoy life and is in a good mood. I am so much looking forward to coming back next year!