Tønsberg Pier – Norway!

Today I went to a new city in Norway: Tønsberg! As shown on the map here it’s not really that far away from Oslo. A 20 minutes train ride from Sandefjord, the town where I live this summer.

During summer time Tønsberg pier is crowded with tourists and locals. Restaurants located right next to each other makes it all very competitive. And the view from the pier makes the prices sky high!


Working Abroad In Norway

This summer I chose to go work in Norway. I study and live in Copenhagen, but during my two months summer holidays I like to save some money for the next year. This time I went to Sandefjord, which is approx. a 2 hours drive away from the capital Oslo. I have been here 4 months last year – and actually have been working seasonal jobs in Norway 3 times before, which makes this my 4th time in Norway.


Pilot for a Day

So today I was a pilot for a day! I live in the same house as a pilot student. He just got his license some weeks ago, so now he’s able to fly alone with friends!

I’ve seen pictures of it when he brought some other friends and told him it looked amazing. He invited me on a sightseeing tour 2 weeks ago and today I finally got to go with him.
We live in Norway right now in a place called Sandefjord. Since it’s my first time to fly just for fun (more…)